2019 Top 12 Scoring Fantasy QB's

Updated: Feb 25

Over the next series of articles I want to take a look back at each position and see what players at each position were the top dogs and why. I will kick off the series with the quarterback position. I will base these articles off my #1 league, the Elite Fantasy Football League. The scoring is a (PPR) format, which for Quarterbacks is full 6 points for all touchdowns, 7 for the over 50 yarders, a point for every 7 completions, point for every 25 pass yards, .1 point for every rush yard, and rushing bonuses of an extra point for 20 yard runs and a 2 point bonus for 40 yard runs. Now lets see which field generals led the league in 2019.

1. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore

2019 Fantasy Points: 571.86

Jackson was far and above the best QB of the 2019 season. He was being drafted in later rounds of most drafts this past fall as a high end QB2, so those owners who nabbed him got huge returns on their investments. Jackson set the NFL single season record for rushing yards by the position with his 1,206 yards on 176 rush attempts. He added seven rushing touchdowns, which ranked second among the twelve listed in this article, only behind Josh Allen. These stats were impressive and were above what I projected him to have going into the season, but where he shocked me the most was his improvement in the passing game. Jackson completed 66% of his 401 pass attempts. He threw for thirty six touchdowns which ranked first by the position. Jackson turned the ball over a total of eight time in 2019, six picks, two fumbles. Even though Jackson was the QB too own all season he did finish towards the bottom in one area when compared to the other eleven in this article. Jackson finished the 2019 season with 3,127 passing yards which ranked 11th out of the 12 quarterbacks featured. The only quarterback to throw for less yards then Lamar was Josh Allen. So when you add all these factors up Lamar scored 62.55 more points then the next guy on the list.

2. Dak Prescott, Dallas

2019 Fantasy Points: 509.31 (-62.55)

Much Like Lamar Jackson Dak surprised most of the fantasy world finishing as the number two QB in 2019. In the fall Dak was being drafted as a backend QB1 or highend QB2 and again his owners were rewarded big time with this return on investment putting up the second most points at the position. Alot of Dak's success came via the passing yards which he finished second only behind Jameis Winston in this group of twelve with 4,902 yards. Dak completed 65% of his 596 pass attempts this season. Dak threw for 30 touchdowns, 4th among featured QB's, while throwing 11 interceptions. Dak added 277 yards rushing on his 52 attempts this season, ranking 6th among this group. Dak also rushed for 3 touchdowns, 6th most, while losing the ball two more times brining turnovers total to 13 on the season. So looking at all these factors Dak was able to finish the season ahead of the third best QB of 2019 by 25.52 fantasy points on his way to be 2019's second best scoring quarterback.

3. Jameis Winston, Tampa

2019 Fantasy Points: 483.79 (-88.07)

At number three comes another bit of a surprise to many and that is Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston. I on the other hand am not surprised to find Jameis sitting as a top five finisher at the position. Back in the fall I was very high on Winston as I looked at his supporting cast and coaching staff I knew what was coming. Jameis was set up for success with stud wide out Mike Evans and emerging monster at the position Chris Godwin. Then you look at the backfield which lacks star power and just knew Tampa was going to have to get it done through the air. You take all these factors and add it to a struggling defense what you will find is a great fantasy option at quarterback. Jameis led this group of quarterbacks in passing yards with 5,109, completing 60% of his 626 attempts. Jameis also led this group and all quarterbacks in the league with his 30 interceptions. Jameis finished the season with 33 passing touchdowns which ranks 2nd among the featured here, only behind Lamar's 36. On the ground Jameis only scored 1 rushing touchdown in his 59 attempts netting an additional 250 yards. So despite all the turnovers, adding 5 fumbles to the interceptions, Jameis barely inched out the next quarterback on the list by just .31 points.

4. Russell Wilson, Seattle

2019 Fantasy Points: 483.48 (-88.38)

Russell Wilson ends 2019 has a top five quarterback after a pretty successful campaign. Russell finished the year with 4,110 passing yards, which ranks 4th among these quarterbacks. Russell was again accurate while throwing this year completing 66% of his 516 pass attempts. He finished with 31 passing touchdowns, third ranked among featured, and 7 turnovers, 5 interceptions and 2 fumbles. Russell added to his fantasy production rushing 75 times for 342 yards and an additional three touchdowns. The rushing yards ranked fifth among this group. The concern with Wilson coming into the season was how much would he have to throw with the philosophy in Seattle being run first. This fear was reflected in drafts where I seen him go off the board as QB11 where in one league I was very happy to wait and take him at that price tag late in the draft. If you were able to do the same then most likely you too enjoyed making the post season. Russell finished 21.36 points ahead of the number five finishing quarterback of 2019.

5. Deshaun Watson, Houston

2019 Fantasy Points: 462.12 (-109.74)

The Houston signal caller is the next up on the list. Watson was able to find pretty good success this season despite an offense that was being pieced around him right before the season kicked off. Watson once again had to endure injuries to key weapons much like years passed, Fuller and Miller. Despite all this Watson still finished the season as a top 5 quarterback. Watson finished the season ranking 9th among the quarterbacks featured in pass yards (3,852) and tied with three on this list with pass touchdowns (26). Deshaun completed 67% of his 495 pass attempts which was the highest percentage among the top twelve finishing quarterbacks. Deshaun also ranked third in rush touchdowns among the signal callers featured with 7 and fourth in rush yards with 413 yards on 82 attempts. As far as turnovers Watson ended the season with fifteen, 12 interceptions and 3 fumbles. Watson finished 31.13 points ahead of the next top finisher of 2019.

6. Patrick Mahomes, KC

2019 Fantasy Points: 430.99 (-140.87)

Coming in as the QB6 on the 2019 season is last year’s NFL MVP Patty Mahomes. Many would look at this list of finishes for signal callers and look at Mahome’s finish and chalk it up as a disappointment. Considering that he was the absolute clear cut first quarterback being drafted this past fall one could see that sentiment being justified. Here is the thing though Mahomes finished as a top six option while only competing in 13 games, 12 really if you don’t count the game he was injured early in. The issue I had with Mahomes, which we will see with Jackson in 2020 drafts, is he was being taken way to early like second round early. Teams that drafted Mahomes most likely didn’t have a post season to compete in. Regardless of that, the fact that Mahomes was able to finish as a top six option at the position is a testament to how great he really is. Compared to the other eleven featured this is how Mahomes stacked up with three less game. Mahomes threw the ball 484 times completing 65% and finished seventh in passing yards with 4,031. Patty finished with 26 touchdowns which tied three others. Mahomes ran the ball 43 times for 218 yards, which ranked as 9th on the list, and added two more scores. Mahomes also only turned the ball over seven times on the year, 5 interceptions and 2 fumbles. So with all this said Mahomes finished just 3.25 ahead of the QB7 for 2019.

7. Carson Wentz, Philly

2019 Fantasy Points: 427.74 (-144.12)

Carson Wentz finishing as a top seven quarterback in 2019 is something I was calling out all off season long, so why am I surprised to see him sitting here? Well if you watched the Philly games this season you know they were painful to watch for most of season and Carson didn’t look particularly good in many. The thing with Carson is he always got the job done fantasy wise by the time the last whistle blew. To be fair Carson much like Watson had to deal with numerous injuries to his supporting cast especially the wide receiver corps. So Carson finishing as a top seven quarterback is unbelievable because many quarterbacks in the league would have not been able to do what Carson did with what he had to do it with, wow say that five times fast. So let’s look at his numbers and see how he stacked up with the other top finishers of 2019. Wentz completed 63% of is 607 pass attempts for 4,039 yards, which ranked 6th among top 12. Carson threw for 27 touchdowns ranking 5th among this group. Carson ran the ball 62 times for 243 yards, 8th ranked, and added 1 more touchdown. Carson finished the season with 14 turnovers, 7 interceptions and 7 fumbles. So you add all that up and Carson finished ahead of the QB8 by 3.37 points.

8. Matt Ryan, Atlanta

2019 Fantasy Points: 424.37(-147.49)

Last fall Matt Ryan was being regarded as a top pick at the position, mostly in part due to finishing as QB2 in 2018. You couple the 2018 finish with the return of Devonta Freeman many had high hopes for a top repeat performance. Ryan was unable to replicate the 2018 magic but did still reward owners with a top eight finish in 2019. Matty Ice finished the season with 4,466 passing yards which ranked 3rd among featured quarterbacks. Ryan completed 66% of his 616 pass attempts on his way to throwing 26 touchdowns, tying him with three others. Ryan also rushed the ball 34 times for 147 yards, 11th ranked, and added one more score on the ground. Ryan finished the season with 19 turnovers, 14 interceptions and 4 fumbles. Ryan’s numbers may have been higher had he not loss key weapons throughout the season. Ryan was forced into many games without emerging tight end Austin Hooper when he went down with a knee for a number of games. Ryan also was without young wide receiver Calvin Ridley who missed some games at the end of the season. Oh ya let’s not forget he lost Mo Sanu to the Patriots early in the season. So you consider all these factors Ryan still was able to have a good season where he finished 1.51 points ahead of QB9.

9. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay

2019 Fantasy Points: 422.86 (-149)

Aaron Rodgers comes in next as the QB9 for the 2019 season. Looking back at the fall Rodgers was being regarded as a backend QB1 or high end QB2. I was skeptical of Rodgers personally not targeting him anywhere this season. A lot of my skepticism was based on his lack of pass catchers. Yes he has one of the best in the game in Devante Adams but other than him he has no one, so that made me lay off him. Had you been one of the teams to go in on Rodgers you were met with backend QB1 like he was being drafted. Here is how he stacked up to the others in this article. Rodgers completed 62% of his 569 attempts, which was the third lowest completion percentage among the top twelve quarterbacks. Rodgers ranked 8th among these quarterbacks in passing yards throwing for 4,002 yards. Rodgers threw 26 touchdowns which tied him with three others in the group. Rodgers rushed 46 times for a tenth best ranked 183 yards adding 1 rushing score to his total. Rodgers ended 2019 with 8 total turnovers, 4 interceptions and 4 fumbles. These numbers put Rodgers just ahead (1.62) of a young up and coming star at the position who comes in next as the 2019 QB10.

10. Kyler Murray, Arizona

2019 Fantasy Points: 421.42 (-150.44)

The 2019 number one overall pick finds himself in the top ten at the position in his first campaign. There were both a lot of skepticism and optimism for Murray coming into the season. The skeptics were worried about his size and how he would handle the game being played at a faster speed. The optimists were intrigued by his skill set and chance to drive the Kingsbury offense at the pro level. Let’s see what numbers led him into the top ten of fantasy quarterbacks in 2019. Kyler completed 64% of his 542 passes attempted for 3,722 yards, which ranked tenth among the top twelve. Murray was tied for last in touchdowns thrown among these quarterbacks with 20. Murray ended the campaign with 14 turnovers, 12 interceptions and 2 fumbles. The passing numbers weren’t anything special but where he rocketed up the finishers list of 2019 was his running stats. Murray rushed 93 times for, 2nd best only behind Lamar, 544 yards. Murray also added 4 more touchdowns to his total on the ground, which ranked 4th best of featured quarterbacks. In my opinion this season is a good indication that Murray is going to be a force in the fantasy game and very well be inside the top five next year.

11. Tom Brady, New England

2019 Fantasy Points: 406.58 (-165.28)

The Goat ends the 20219 season just outside the top ten by 14.84 points. It was obvious that Tom was missing his beast tight end this season as the offense as a whole struggled. This season all their numbers were down on offense and a lot of that has to do with the lack of weapons in the passing game, outside of Edelman. So I am honestly surprised to find Brady this high on the list of 2019 quarterback finishes. Brady ended 2019 completing 60.8% of his 613 pass attempts for, 5th ranked among top twelve QB’s, 4,057 yards. Brady threw for 24 touchdowns tying him with three others. Not surprisingly Brady ranked last in rush yards with 34 yards on 26 carries. Brady did rush for 3 touchdowns on the ground adding to his total. Brady ended the season with 9 total turnovers, 8 interceptions and 1 fumble. Brady finished 6.36 points ahead of the 2019 QB12.

12. Josh Allen, Buffalo

2019 Fantasy Points: 400.22 (-171.64)

Rounding out my top twelve 2019 fantasy quarterback feature is the gunslinger from Buffalo Josh Allen. 2019 marked just the second season for Allen coming off a strong end to 2018, which saw him put up top five numbers to close out his rookie campaign. I viewed Allen as a sleeper pick to finish as a QB1 in 2019 not because of his passing but because of his rushing ability. This isn’t a knock on Allen’s passing ability it’s just he struggles with accuracy and lacks true wide receiver one talent around him. This evaluation is evident as he finished with the lowest ranked completion percentage among this group with 58% of his 461 attempts. He finished with the lowest pass yards with 3,089. Allen also threw for just 20 touchdowns which is tied with Kyler for last in this group. So to finish the year as a top 12 quarterback his running skills would have to come through and they did. Allen finished as the 3rd ranked rusher among this group when it comes to yards with 510 on 109 attempts. He did lead all quarterbacks with 9 rushing touchdowns. Allen ended the 2019 season with 13 turnovers, 9 interceptions and 4 fumbles. Add all this up and it equates to a top 12 finish for the second year signal caller.

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