2019 Top 12 Scoring Fantasy Tight Ends

We have reached the final article in my series on the 2019 top fantasy scoring players by position. In the previous three we looked at the top scoring fantasy quarterbacks, running backs, and wide outs. Now lastly we are going to take a look at the top 12 scoring tight ends of 2019. To refresh I am pulling the scoring from my number one league, The Elite Fantasy Football League over the 16 week fantasy season which you can follow along all season and off season long right here. The scoring is a full PPR with a bonus point for over 20 yard plays and two bonus points for over 40 yard plays. So let's dive in and see which tight ends were the top producers for fantasy owners in 2019.

1. Travis Kelce, Kansas City

2019 Fantasy Points: 308.10

Sitting atop the list as the top finishing tight end of 2019 is the same dude that was being drafted this fall as such. Travis Kelce again was a monster leading all tight ends in receptions with 94 and yards with 1,205 yards. The tight end finished 2nd in targets with 131 only behind Zach Ertz. Kelce was tied for third in total touchdowns among the tight ends featured with 6 total, 5 receiving and 1 rushing. Proving once again to be one of Patty Mahomes favorite targets Kelce was able to finish 40.30 points ahead of the TE2 for 2019. A lot of that was due to the fact that out of 15 games Kelce finished with over 17 fantasy points in 10 of those games.

2. Zach Ertz, Philadelphia

2019 Fantasy Points: 227.60 (-40.30)

The next highest scoring tight end from 2019 is another guy that was being drafted early in drafts this past fall as one of the first three off the board at the position. Zach Ertz was the top target for Carson Wentz this season on his way to leading all at the position with 134 targets. Ertz trailed only Kelce in receptions with 88 grabs. Ertz was ranked 4th in yards with 916 among featured tight ends. Ertz also comes in tied for 3rd in touchdowns scored in 2019. Ertz had 7 games in which he scored over 17 fantasy points. The season wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows for Ertz as he did have some duds throughout the season. In fact Ertz had 5 games in which he failed to score 9 fantasy points. If this article was taking into account all 16 games played and not just the 15 through the fantasy season Ertz would have finished third at the position as the TE3 on this list would have jumped him in total fantasy points.

3. George Kittle, San Francisco

2019 Fantasy Points: 226.20 (-41.70)

Despite playing in only thirteen games in 2019 George Kittle was still able to put in an unbelievable season cementing him as a top 3 finisher at the position. Through those 13 games played Kittle had 7 in which he scored over 17 fantasy points. He did have three in which he fell below 10 fantasy points but all in all he was a imposing force on the defenses he faced. Kittle finished with 100 targets (4th ranked) and 78 receptions (4th ranked). Kittle amassed 967 yards receiving which was 3rd among featured tight ends. Kittle was also tied for 6th with 5 receiving touchdowns. Those who drafted Kittle as a top three tight end this fall got exactly what they wanted in him as he finished 1 point ahead of the next tight end on our list.

4. Mark Andrews, Baltimore

2019 Fantasy Points: 225.20 (-42.70)

The next guy up on our list screamed breakout in 2019 especially with what we saw at the end of his rookie season in 2018. Mark Andrews was a great value on draft day going in the late rounds of drafts or even undrafted in shallow leagues, making him the waiver pick up of the season in those cases. Mark Andrews finished the season with 5 games in which he put up over 17 fantasy points. He did have 5 games under 10 points but where he dominated was in the touchdown department where he ranked first at the position with 10. Andrews ranked 5th in both targets (98) and yards (852). Andrews also ranked 6th among this featured group in receptions with 64 grabs. Andrews was able to finish 5.90 points ahead of the TE5 for 2019, who was a surprise as well.

5. Darren Waller, Las Vegas

2019 Fantasy Points: 219.30 (-48.60)

The former Oakland now Las Vegas Raider tight end exploded onto the fantasy football season in 2019 with a top five finish at the position. Waller was a star on HBO’s Hard Knocks this past fall and quickly became a favorite of many not because of his football ability, but with what he has overcome in his life to get to this point. Waller suffered with drug addiction and his time with the Ravens he was not in a good place, as he stated there were many times he was on the field high. The Raiders took a chance on him and after an injury ended his 2018 season Waller was finally unveiled to us all in the fantasy world as a very good weapon to deploy. Waller ranked 3rd among featured at the position in Targets (107) and receptions (84) in 2019. Waller also ranked 2nd in yards with 1,039, trailing only his AFC West counterpart Travis Kelce. Which stopped Waller from being higher on the list was his lack of touchdown production as he ranked 11th at the position with 3. Waller also had 6 games in which he scored fewer than 10 fantasy points. Waller went undrafted in many drafts and was a steal for those who were able to snag him off the wire, as he finished 31.10 points ahead of the TE6.

6. Austin Hooper, Atlanta

2019 Fantasy Points: 188.20 (-79.70)

The tight end finishing as the next highest fantasy points earner did so playing in only 12 games this fantasy season. Austin Hooper had a break out season in 2019 putting up at least 17 fantasy points in 5 games played. Hooper ranked 6th in both targets (88) and yards (742) in 2019. Hooper finished the season with 68 receptions (ranked 5th) and 6 touchdowns which was tied for third most among featured tight ends. Hooper did have three games in which he failed to score at least 10 points, two in which came during the first two rounds of the fantasy playoffs. Despite the missed games Hooper was still able to finish 15.10 points ahead of the 2019 TE7

7. Jared Cook, New Orleans

2019 Fantasy Points: 173.10 (-94.80)

The veteran tight end and first year New Orleans Saint comes in next on our list of top scoring fantasy tight ends of 2019. Cook entered 2019 off a strong 2018 season in Oakland which saw him finish as a top 5 option. Cook started 2019 shaky scoring under 7 points in four straight games before missing two games due to injury. This led many who spent a mid-round pick on Cook shaking their heads and many dropped him, which would have proved to be a wrong move. Cook was able to return from injury and rattled off some big games down the stretch in he had three games where he finished with over 20 fantasy points. In that span Cook was a touchdown scoring machine and finished with 8 on the year, which ranked 2nd behind Mark Andrews. He finished the year ranked 7th in receiving yards with 661. Where he was dead last among the featured tight ends was targets (63) and receptions (41). Despite the poor start and missed time Cook was able to finish 25.10 fantasy points ahead of the next tight end on our list.

8. Tyler Higbee, Los Angeles

2019 Fantasy Points: 148.00 (-119.90)

The next guy on our list had drawn comparisons to Travis Kelce when he was entering the NFL. Higbee has a lot of talent, ability, and size, but what he lacked was opportunity. That was the case until the end of 2019 where he showed why he drew those Kelce comparisons. Between weeks 13-16 of 2019 Higbee ranked as the TE1 putting up games averaging over 20 fantasy points through that span. That performance propelled him up the list of tight ends as he started the year nonexistent until the Rams started to use more 12 personal too close out the season. Higbee closed out 2019 ranking 10th in targets (77), 7th in receptions (61), 8th in yards (650), and 12th in touchdowns (2) among the tight ends featured. Despite not being used half the season Higbee was able to finish 5 points ahead of our next tight end, who was being drafted pretty high in drafts this past fall.

9. Hunter Henry, Los Angeles

2019 Fantasy Points: 143.00 (-124.90)

Hunter Henry was the pick at the position last year for me in all drafts. I was viewing him as the tight end to draft in 2019 due to where he was going to go in the mid rounds. Henry had proven he offers Elite upside and what has hindered him in the past was his availability. Well 2019 proved to be more of the same as he was injured week one and missed the next four weeks of the season, crushing many who drafted him like me. Once he came back he immediately flashed that Elite talent putting up over 20 fantasy points, but it didn’t last as he only had one other game over 17 fantasy points. Henry finished with 70 targets (11th ranked), 50 receptions (10th ranked), 610 yards (9th ranked), and 4 touchdowns (tied for 8th best). Despite the bust season Henry still finished 1.8 fantasy points ahead of the next on our list.

10. Dallas Goedert, Philly

2019 Fantasy Points: 141.20 (-126.70)

The next tight end we are going to feature is the second Philadelphia Eagle. Dallas Goedert is the next highest scoring tight end from 2019. Despite having more than one game over 17 fantasy points and having 8 games under 10 fantasy points Dallas comes in at TE10 on the season. In 14 games played this fantasy season Dallas was able to finish with the 9th ranked targets (77) and Receptions (54) among tight ends featured. Dallas finished with 5 touchdowns which was tied for 6th most, and 542 yards which ranks 10th. Goedert was not drafted in many leagues this fall but in deeper league if you snagged him you were rewarded with a better fantasy season than Evan Engram, OJ Howard, and TJ Hockenson all who were drafted well before Goedert. Dallas finished 5.70 points ahead of the TE11 of 2019.

11. Jason Witten, Dallas

2019 Fantasy Points: 135.50 (-132.40)

The formally retired / Monday Night Football announcer now again Dallas tight end comes in next on our top fantasy scorers at the position for 2019. Witten returned to the field where he only had one game over 17 fantasy points and 9 games finishing with less than 10 fantasy points. Witten ranked 8th among featured tight ends in Targets (79), receptions (59), and touchdowns (4). Witten also ranked dead last among this group in receiving yards with 505.Despite the poor stat line the veteran was still able to finish as a top 11 option over the final featured by 5.90 points.

12. Mike Gesicki, Miami

2019 Fantasy Points: 129.60 (-138.30)

Rounding out our list of top finishing tight ends of 2019 is the former PSU Phenom Mike Gesicki. Gesicki seemed to get better as the year went on having some big games, 2 over 20 fantasy point games. He did have 11 however where he failed to score at least 10 fantasy points. Gesicki did flash upside but still finished ranking 11th in both receptions (47) and yards (536). Gesicki was tied for 8th most touchdowns with 4 and the 7th most targets (82). These numbers add up to a top twelve finish at the position for 2019.

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