2019 Top 12 Scoring Fantasy Wide Outs

Earlier I dropped the first two articles in my series on the 2019 top fantasy scoring players by position as we took a look at the Quarterback and running back position. Next we are going to dive into the top 12 scoring wide outs of 2019. To refresh I am pulling the scoring from my number one league, The Elite Fantasy Football League over the 16 week fantasy season which you can follow along all season and off season long right here. The scoring is a full PPR with a bonus point for over 20 yard plays and two bonus points for over 40 yard plays. So let's dive in and see which wide outs were the top producers for fantasy owners in 2019.

1. Michael Thomas, New Orleans

2019 Fantasy Points: 389.90

No surprises here at who finished as the top Wide Out of 2019. Michael Thomas led the league all season long in targets and receptions on his way to breaking the single season record for receptions which was previously held by Marvin Harrison. Thomas started the year hot and never let up rewarding those owners who took him early in drafts this past fall. Thomas had 10 games over 20 fantasy points in 16 starts. Thomas saw 177 target catching 145 of those for a league’s best 1,688 yards. Thomas also had 9 touchdowns which was tied for second most among featured receivers. Thomas hands down was the receiver to own this season outscoring the WR2 by 81.8 points.

2. Chris Godwin, Tampa Bay

2019 Fantasy Points: 308.10 (-81.80)

Everyone in the fantasy industry saw this next guy breaking out this year, but none projected him to finish as the WR2 for 2019. Chris Godwin showed what he could do towards the end of 2018 and that had many excited. Then you add in a coach like Bruce Arians who loves utilizing the slot receiver and you have a winning formula for fantasy success. In 14 games played this fantasy season Godwin score over 20 fantasy points in six contests. The lone game he missed was a big one for championship teams as week 16 he didn’t suit up due to a hamstring issue. Godwin ranked 8th in both targets (119) and receptions (86). He finished with the second highest yards among featured receivers with 1,333 yards, and was tied for second most with 9 touchdowns. Godwin finished 19.36 points ahead of the WR3 for 2019.

3. DeAndre Hopkins, Houston

2019 Fantasy Points: 288.74 (-101.16)

The Next guy up on the list of top 12 finishing wide receivers is one in which he was being drafted as the first or second wide out off the board in many drafts this fall. D-Hop has been a great fantasy wide out the last number of years and in 2019 was primed to do the same as Deshaun Watson’s favorite target. He started off the season great with a 20 point fantasy day but then worried many as he underwhelmed from weeks 2 thru 4, before bouncing back to put up consistent numbers the rest of the way. However, I must add if you were counting on him to carry you to a championship in week 16 you were let down by a poor performance, I know I was. However, despite the down weeks Hopkins still ranked 2nd in targets (150) and receptions (104) in 2019 only trailing M. Thomas. Hopkins also finished with 1,165 yards which was 4th best among featured wide outs, scoring 7 touchdowns which tied for 7th best. Hopkins finished as a top three option by just 2.44 points narrowly beating out the WR4 for 2019.

4. Julio Jones, Atlanta

2019 Fantasy Points: 286.30 (-103.60)

Despite missing a game, week 14, the next best finishing wired out of 2019 is a familiar face. Julio Jones is as automatic as it comes when it comes to top five fantasy finishes at the position. Julio again was being drafted early in drafts usually at the tail end of round one or early on in round two and the production again warrants such a pick. Julio ended the season very strong for his owners which helped many make it to and win championships in 2019. Jones finished the 2019 campaign with the 4th most targets (143) catching a 5th ranked 92 balls. Despite missing a game Julio still put up the third most yards with 1,316. However, we all know the one knock on Julio’s game and that his is lack of scoring as of late. This was again evident in 2019 as he put up the 11th ranked touchdowns among top finishing wide outs with 6. Despite the missed game and lack of touchdown production Julio was still able to finish above the WR5 by 10.7 points.

5. Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles

2019 Fantasy Points: 275.60 (-114.30)

The next top finishing wide out of 2019 comes from the west coast. Cooper Kupp returned from a shortened 2018 looking to pick up where he left off as J. Goff’s favorite and most sure handed receivers. Kupp had some monstrous games but he also disappointed fantasy owners with some duds throughout the season finishing below 12 points in five games, one in which he put up zero points. Kupp ended the season tied for second best with 9 touchdown receptions on the year. Kupp finished with the 7th ranked in targets (124) and receptions (87). Kupp finished as the 12th ranked receiver among the top 12 with 1,063 yards. The yards and targets dipped towards the end of the season due to the fact that the Rams were running more 12 personal meaning Kupp was off the field more seriously hindering fantasy production down the stretch, i.e. is why we saw Tyler Higbee emerge as a fantasy beat at the tight end position. Despite that Kupp still was able to finish as a top five wide receiver by 4.8 points over the next on our list.

6. Kenny Golladay, Detroit

2019 Fantasy Points: 270.80 (-119.10)

If I were to tell you at the start of the season that a guy who played with three starting quarterbacks throughout the season, as well as had five games less than 12 points, and three games less than 6 points would finish as WR6 on the year you would think I was high on something. Well bring me a cup and test me because that’s exactly what Kenny Golladay did in 2019. Golladay lost his starting quarterback and then back up to the starter all in the same season while still being pretty efficient week to week. Golladay did finish with the 12th ranked targets (112) and receptions (62) amongst the top 12 but led in touchdowns with 11 receiving adding an additional 1 rushing touchdown. Golladay also had the 6th ranked yards with 1,118. Despite the roller coaster ride that was his 2019 campaign Golladay still finished top 6 by 2.37 points over our 2019 WR7.

7. Julian Edelman, New England

2019 Fantasy Points: 268.43 (-121.47)

The squirrel checks in next as the top finishing wide out of 2019. Julian has been a favorite target of the goats for years and 2019 proved much of the same with his third ranked targets (147) amongst the top 12. This year was different as Brady had to rely on Edelman as he had no other place to go. This season saw the worst offensive production out of the defending champs that we have seen in recent memory. Edelman also ranked 3rd in receptions with 97 while putting up 1,091 yards, 9th ranked. His touchdowns (6- receiving 1- rushing) ranked 10th amongst the top twelve. Throughout the season Edelman played through multiple injuries proving he is a baller. Edelman was able to wrap up the WR7 spot by 2.73 points over the next wide out on the list.

8. Mike Evans, Tampa Bay

2019 Fantasy Points: 265.70 (-124.20)

Coming in six spots below his teammate Chris Godwin is Mike Evans. Evans missed two games at the end of the season due to a hamstring injury leaving many owners scrambling. Despite the missed games and four games less than 12 fantasy points Evans still had a pretty successful fantasy season for the owners taking him late in the second round this past fall. Evans finished with the 8th ranked targets (118) and 10th most receptions (67). Evans finished with 1,157 yards (5th ranked) and 8 touchdowns which were tied for 6th most amongst the top 12 wide outs featured. Mike Evans finished ahead of the WR9 by 7 fantasy points.

9. Amari Cooper, Dallas

2019 Fantasy Points: 258.70 (-131.20)

The Dallas Cowboys leading receiver comes in next on the list as our 2019 WR9. Cooper has been up and down over his career but since coming to Dallas mid-season in 2018 he saw an uptick in fantasy value. At the end of 2018 he led many owners to fantasy glory and that led many to drafting him in the early rounds of 2019. This season Cooper had success but he also crushed owners in weeks 15 through 16 failing to score a combined 10 points. Cooper also had 6 games in which he scored under 10 points through the 16 week fantasy season. Cooper ranked 11th in targets (114) and 9th in receptions (75). Amari compiled 1,097 yards which ranked 8th among featured wide outs and scored 8 touchdowns, which was tied for 6th most. Cooper finished 3.10 points ahead of the 2019 WR10.

10. Allen Robinson, Chicago

2019 Fantasy Points: 255.60 (-134.30)

The PSU product, our second on the list, checks in next on our list of top wide outs of 2019. Robinson saw a very productive season despite a quarterback who struggled mightily. Robinson had 7 games over 20 fantasy points this season. Robinson saw the 5th most targets (141) and had the 6th most receptions (89). What pushed Robinson down the list is his 1,076 yards which ranked 10th amongst the top 12 featured. Robinson also was tied for 8th in touchdowns with 7. You take all this into account and the teams that drafted him in mid rounds back in the fall were rewarded with a very nice fantasy asset in 2019. Robinson finished just .1 points ahead of the WR11, who you will be surprised to make the list.

11. DeVante Parker, Miami

2019 Fantasy Points: 255.50 (-134.40)

This is not a joke Parker finished the season as a top 12 wide out. Every preseason it seemed since Parker entered the league it seemed like all we heard was the breakout is coming draft Parker now, just to be left disappointed and angry as we dropped him four weeks into the season. However, 2019 we finally seen the breakout for Parker we have been waiting for. Apparently all that was missing was a little magic, or should I say Fitzmagic. Parker led many teams to fantasy championships as he was an absolute monster over the last quarter of the season. Parker finished tied second for touchdowns with 9. Parker saw the 10th most targets (117) amongst the featured receivers. Parker finished as the 11th ranked in receptions (64) and passing yards (1,065) through the 16 week fantasy season. Parker finished .2 points ahead of our final featured wide receiver.

12. Keenan Allen, Los Angeles

2019 Fantasy Points: 255.50 (-134.40)

The final wide receiver we will feature is the Los Angeles star Keenan Allen. Allen was being drafted at the end of round 2 or early round 3 this past fall and started the season on an absolute terror. Many owners who drafted him were enjoying the success but then the well ran a bit dry. Allen saw 6 games with fewer than 12 fantasy points. A lot of this drop in production has to be laid at his QB’s feet as Rivers struggled quite a bit this season. Allen finished with 140 targets (6th ranked) which he turned into 95 receptions (4th ranked). Allen finished with 1,117 yards which comes in as the 7th best among featured backs. Allen trailed all in this article in touchdown production with just 5 on the season. Despite finishing as a top twelve option this year Allen left a lot to be desired for owners who spent an early round pick on him.

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