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AFC South Teams Top Fantasy Assets!!!

The Next division I am going to dive into on our divisional tour is the AFC South. A reminder the purpose of this article is to list the five best fantasy options on each team based on my standard 12 team PPR projections. A side note I list teams in the order as I see them finishing this year in their division. So, let’s start with the AFC South champions who to be honest could all make good arguments to be the title bearer.

Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson (QB) – I project Watson being the top fantasy scoring dog for the Texans with 330.4 fantasy points this year. I project 3,680 air yards and 24 touchdowns. He will add another 650 on the ground and an additional 4 more touchdowns.

DeAndre Hopkins (WR)- Isn’t far behind Watson in projected fantasy points as I have him with 308. I forecast the Texans beast to haul in 105 for a monstrous 1,450 yards and 10 touchdowns. Hopkins continues being the volume monster he has proven to be the last few seasons.

Duke Johnson (RB)- I have the new shiny toy as the next fantasy scorer on the team with 161 fantasy points this season. I project 512 yards on the ground with 2 touchdowns. He will also contribute in passing game by catching 8 for 376 and an additional two touchdowns.

Will Fuller (WR)- Fuller is next in my projections with 158 fantasy points. Fuller if he manages to put a full season in will be a great deep threat for Watson as he has proven already. I forecast 50 catches for 740 yards and 6 touchdowns this season.

KeKe Coutee (WR)- Coutee rounds out my top five best Texans fantasy options with 148 fantasy points. Like Fuller Coutee has too be able to stay on the field. People are worried for Coutee with the Kenny Stills trade but he will affect Fuller more as he predominantly plays on the outside and Keke plays the slot. I project 59 for 622 and 4 touchdowns.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Nick Foles (QB)- The super bowl mvp himself kicks off our top scorers for the Jaguars this season with a projected 241 fantasy points. I see Foles throwing for 4,450 yards and 22 touchdowns. He will also add 1 rushing score and 108 rushing yards.

Leonard Fournette (RB)- He is projecting high because he is the only back in town and will be on the field a lot as long as his injury history is behind him which in fact is a big if. I have Fournette projected for 225 fantasy points. I have him rushing for 930 yards and 8 touchdowns. He will also catch 44 for 330 and 2 more scores.

DeDe Westbrook (WR)- Projected to secure 169 fantasy points as the Jaguars best pass catcher this season. I have DeDe catching 68 for 706 and 5 touchdowns. Foles seemed to target Westbrook a lot which bodes well for his upside this season.

DJ Chark (WR)- The organization drafted this kid high last year for a reason and my projected 130 fantasy points this year shows why. I have him catching 51 for 590 and four touchdowns. This will be the season we start seeing the talent flash.

Marqise Lee (WR)- Coming off a season long injury Lee looks to jump back on hype train from two years ago. I have him slotted with 110 fantasy points this season. I foresee a 44 catch for 490 yards and 3 touchdowns coming his way. These numbers are good enough to put him on the teams top five best fantasy options.

Indianapolis Colts

Jacoby Brissett (QB)- The new staring Quarterback for the Colts projects to be the highest fantasy scorer for the team with 256 fantasy points. I can see 3,556 passing yards and 20 touchdown season coming. He will also add 230 yards on the ground an additional 4 touchdowns.

Ty Hilton (WR)- Lucks former favorite target is still the second-best fantasy option for the Colts with a projected 187 fantasy points. I see Hilton getting lose for 64 grabs and 950 yards with five touchdowns.

Marlon Mack (RB)- I project him to end the season with 180 fantasy points. He will rush for 923 yards and 7 touchdowns. He will also catch 22 for 173 and one more score.

Eric Ebron (TE)- Ebron will surely see some touchdown regressions this season as last years numbers were just unreal. I have Ebron slated for 115 fantasy points this season. I can see 43 catches for 522 yards and only 4 touchdowns.

Devin Funchess (WR)- Lucks retirement surely has hurt this projection however he is still in top colt fantasy scorers this season. I have him projected for 114 fantasy points. I project 40 catches for 519 yards and 4 scores.

Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota (QB)- This may surprise many yours truly included but I have Mariota as the top fantasy scorer for the Titans this year with 253 fantasy points, which is also probably why I have them finishing last in the division. I see him throwing for 3,090 and 18 touchdowns. He will also rush for 460 yards and 4 more touchdowns.

Derek Henry (RB)- I have the running back in his final year of deal next because I see Henry balling out this season to the tune of 202 fantasy points. I project a 1,130 yard season on the ground with 9 touchdowns. He will also catch 19 balls for 140 yards and 1 more touchdown.

Corey Davis (WR)- I have the wide out next with 165 projected fantasy points this season. I see him catching 62 balls for 750 yards 4 touchdowns.

Delaine Walker (TE)- The O.G. of tight ends comes in next on my list for the Titans with a projected 141 fantasy points. I see a return netting 54 catches for 640 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Adam Humphries (WR)- The slot man makes the list for the Titans as he his next highest projected with 125 fantasy points. I see him catching 51 balls for 550 yards and 3 touchdowns.