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AFC West Teams Top Fantasy Assets!!!

This past weekend teams across the NFL had to cut their rosters down to 53. These moves have given us a clearer picture of what to expect for the upcoming fantasy season which is set to kick off this Thursday. The next series of articles I am putting out will break down each division and each teams projected top fantasy scorers based on my projections, based on standard 12 team PPR leagues. I will start with the division which projects to be one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL this year the AFC West.

Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes (QB) – My projections have him netting 360 Fantasy Points this season. I foresee a TD regression coming this year with him tossing only 36 adding an additional 5 with legs. Mahomes will amass 4,500 yard passing and an additional 289 rushing. Mahomes will be the Chiefs top fantasy scorer.

Tyreek Hill (WR)- My projections have Hill as the next top scorer in fantasy for the Chiefs with 299 fantasy points. I have Hill catching 91 balls on 130 targets this season for 1,300 yards. He will also compile 105 rushing yards and record double digit touchdowns (11).

Travis Kelce (TE) – My Projections have him netting 280 fantasy points this season, which would have him as third best fantasy option on the Chiefs. I see Kelce again being the top target for Mahomes in this TE friendly offense. Kelce projects to lead the division as well as the league in fantasy points for the position. I project Kelce catching 96 balls for 1,296 yards and scoring 10 touchdowns.

Sammy Watkins (WR)- My projections project Watkins to be the next best fantasy option on this team with 175 points. I have him going for 58 grabs for 748 yards and 6 touchdowns in 16 games

Damien Williams (RB)- With the news of McCoy joining team I have lowered my projections on Williams. He is going to lose significant work to McCoy who had his best years with Reid. I project Williams to have 165 fantasy points this year. He will rush for 450 yards and 6 touchdowns. While also catching 36 for 300 and an additional 3 touchdowns.

LeSean McCoy (RB)- Last projected top scorer is McCoy who I see putting up 462 yards and 4 touchdowns while missing two games. He will also catch 25 for 200 and a touch.

*Note* I have been high on Darwin Thompson all off season and the McCoy deal destroys his outlook. I still feel he is their best back and offers most upside but his path to the field isn’t going to be as easy with McCoy. It’s going to take an injury to Williams/McCoy or ineffectiveness by one or both to get him on the field. He is still worth a roster spot in dynasty and deep leagues as talent usually finds its way to the field.

LA Chargers

Phillip Rivers (QB)- The Chargers number one fantasy scorer is the old dirty bastard himself Phil Rivers with his projected 285 fantasy points. I have Phil throwing for 4,430 yards and 28 touchdowns. He will also put in another full 16 game regular season.

Keenan Allen (WR)- Allen projects as the second highest scorer on team with his 269 fantasy points. I have Keenan catching 100 balls on the nose while compiling 1,300 yards and 7 touchdowns. Allen will again be the number one receiver on the field for LAC but the number three scorer isn’t far behind.

Mike Williams (WR)- Williams and his 198 projected fantasy points is that number three I was talking about. With Tyrell in the silver and black now Mike becomes the clear number two. I have him catching 60 for 900 and 8 touchdowns. He is going to be a big down field threat and red zone target like he proved last year however number four will be challenging for those red zone looks.

Hunter Henry (TE)- Hunter is finally back and looking healthy after missing pretty much all of last season. I am high on Henry this year and he is one of my breakouts this year. I have him projected for 178 fantasy points this year, which makes him not only top TE in division but also the entire league. I have him projected at the very least with 61 catches on 85 targets for 812 yards and 7 touchdowns. The touchdowns could easily jump into double digits, but I didn’t want to go crazy with my numbers.

Austin Ekeler (RB)- It is Ekeler not Gordon who closes out my top scorers for this team. I fully expect Gordon to be traded within the week leading to a time share between Ekeler and Justin Jackson, with Ekeler getting more work. I forecast 162 fantasy points for him. That would suggest 496 yards rushing and 5 touchdowns along with 45 catches for 350 more yards and 2 more touchdowns.

Oakland Raiders

Antonio Brown (WR)- All the worry around the industry about his character and drama does not have me worried at all. I have full confidence that AB is going to ball out and prove he is the best receiver in the league. He will be Oaklands top fantasy scorer as well as finish year as top five wide out. I have brown compiling 286 fantasy points this season on 101 catches 1,275 yards and 9 touchdowns. Carr will find him early and often this season as Gruden will funnel the offense through this stud.

Derek Carr (QB)- Carr is the next highest scorer for the Raiders with his 255 fantasy points. I have Carr bouncing back from last years mess as he looks to air the ball out more this year. I have Carr throwing for 4,100 yards and 26 touchdowns. Carr will also rush for 100 more yards.

Josh Jacobs (RB)- The rookie projects as the number three scorer with 199 fantasy points. I have him rushing for 762 and 5 touchdowns while catching 50 balls for another 360 and 2 scores. This will be a nice rookie season for Jacobs and show he is the real deal by finishing top 12 as a runner.

Tyrell Williams (WR)- Projected to be the fourth top scorer for the Raiders with 155 fantasy points this year. Carr will look for this field stretcher multiple times a game and I have him projected for 55 grabs for 760 and 5 touchdowns.

Darren Waller (TE)- The Hard Knocks star is next with his 98 fantasy points scored. I see Waller going for 40 catches and 420 yards, ironic number with his past, for 4 touchdowns. Rookie Renfrow being in the slot will take away from his upside as they will be competing for grabs in the middle which caps Wallers upside.

Denver Broncos

Phillip Lindsay (RB)- Second year runner Lindsay leads the team with 187 fantasy points. Even with splitting the backfield with Royce I project Lindsay to be leading scorer. I project 770 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns. He will add 36 catches for 290 more yards and 2 touch downs.

Emmanuel Sanders (WR)- Sanders coming of that harsh injury last year will lead wide outs and everyone other then Lindsay in fantasy points with 163 fantasy points. I project Flacco relying on the vet to the tune of 65 grabs for 775 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Courtland Sutton (WR)- Sutton falls just short of being the fantasy wide out leading scorer for the broncos with 158 fantasy points. I project him to catch 51 for 785 and 5 touchdowns.

Joe Flacco (QB)- Father time Joe comes in fourth in fantasy points for Denver with 135 fantasy points. I forecast 2,194 yards and only 14 touchdowns. Not very desirable numbers for a starting quarterback that is for sure.

Royce Freeman (RB)- This second-year rusher comes in as the fifth scorer on this squad with 120 fantasy points. I see him playing second fiddle to Lindsay only compiling 570 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns. He will add 26 catches for or another 150 and 1 touchdown.