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Annnnddd.... History is Made 

Updated: Jan 2

2018 was the inaugural season for the Elite Fantasy Football League which meant there was a little history to be made. Who was going to emerge victorious as the first ever Elite Fantasy Football World Champion was the question on everybody's mind. After a growling 16 weeks of intense matchups we learned that very answer. It was Jake Stager owner of the Cocoa Nuts who will go down as the first ever Elite Fantasy World Champion.

The Cocoa Nuts were a top three team all season long and had earned a first round bye entering the post season. In the semifinals he narrowly defeated Dustin Dickants Slamhogs, who in their own right were arguably the best team all year. Championship weekend arrived and the Cocoa Nuts had a date with a surging Enforcers Team owned by founder of the Elite Fantasy Football League Josh Marzella. The Enforcers were the hot team finding their groove late in the season putting up massive points week after week. However, they were no match for the performances and insane games that Antonio Brown and Zack Ertz put up locking up the title for the Cocoa Nuts.

Stager was asked by our very own league reporter Herm Bombay how it felt when he realized that the championship was locked up on Christmas Eve to which he responded: "One of the greatest achievements in my life has just happened. I will forever be known as the first ever champion of this league and that is the ultimate slap in the face to every other team in the league. Everyone wanted it and was fighting for it but it was I and my Cocoa Nuts who achieved the glory and the honor to become the first ever champion."

Jake will be honored at this years draft where he will relinquish the title back to the commissioner, as the title will begun being defended, but receive his Elite Fantasy Football League Championship Ring which he will cherish for the rest of his life. Jake will also be honored with the champions parade in downtown Ridgway this summer.