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It's Time !!!!

The stage has been set for the final week of the Elite Fantasy Football Leagues second season. We have three matchups on the card for championship weekend all with high stakes. We have a championship to be won, a dress to be worn, and money to be handed out. The time is now. Who will be the one to walk out of the week 16 battlefield as your Elite World Champion?

The Elite World Championship Game

We have come full circle in the Elite Fantasy Football League. We have drafted, we have waged many battles through the intense 13 week regular season, we have battled through two nail biting rounds of the playoffs to get to this point. We went from ten, down to six, down to four, and now down to our final two. Now before I said the league has come full circle and we have. This is because the two teams left standing are the same two who were left standing a season ago. We are set for the rematch of rematches, a clash of fantasy titans, a battle of repeat or redemption, a war between the North and the South. The World Championship will be going home to either the #1 seed Coca Nuts or the #2 seed Little Italy. Cocoa Nuts is looking to be the first team in league history to win back to back titles and in doing so remain the only team in league history to be champion. The defending champion was the team to beat in the North division all season long rolling to the leagues best 10-3 regular season record. That win/loss record earned Cocoa a first round bye where they waited for Richard Feltersnatch in the semi final last week. It was in this match where Cocoa obliteraterd the snatch to punch their ticket to their second consecutive title game.

Their opponent in the ship is one who has been equally as impressive all season long being the team to beat all year in the tough South division. Little Italy rolled to a 8-5 regular season record which earned them a first round bye. This bye had them awaiting a surging Dirty Sanchez team who rolled into week 15 riding a six game win streak. It was Italy who emerged victorious punching their ticket into their second consecutive championship game. For Little Italy this season was dubbed their redemption tour and one team stands in their way to fulfilling their mission. That team is one they have never beaten in the three games they have played. Each game played being decided by a close margin and with each game going to Cocoa has left Italy more focused and determined to knock off the defending champion more then ever. Will Italy get their revenge and fulfill their destiny as Elite World Champion, or will Cocoa prove that they are the team of destiny as they add another ring to their hand on their way to building a dynasty.

Battle For Third

The two teams that suffered losses last week will have one more chance to be a winner in week 16. Richard Feltersnatch will take on Dirty Sanchez in a battle for third place. For these teams the ultimate goal at the beginning of the season was the same as every team and that was to be Elite World Champion but coming up short last week now shifts their attention to a top three finish and some money. This should be a hard fought contest and either team is capable of coming out on top in this one.

Miss Elite Bowl

Now we turn our attention to the bottom of the league as we look to the second most anticipated matchup of the week. The first ever Miss Elite Bowl is upon us as the Annexation of Puerto Rico goes to battle with last years Miss Elite The Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye. Both of these teams struggled this season dealing with injuries and tough schedules which contributed to their involvement in this game. The Annexation was put in the bowl for holding the worst regular season record, whereas the Brown-Eye has two chances to play their way out of the game coming up short each time. This is now the most important game of the season for these two teams as the loser will be forced to dawn the dress and be paraded through town this July in front of the town. They will also be subject to all the other shame that is associated with the Miss Elite title until next season.


* All four of these teams seasons are now officially over for 2019*

1.) SlamHogs

2.) My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off



5.) Beavers Love Wood

6.) Harry Ballsackies