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Miss Elite 2019

Updated: Jan 2

Miss Elite 2019 Kris Gardner

This past weekend the members of The Elite Fantasy Football League completed the public shaming to last years last place loser Kris Gardner, owner of the Muff Munchers. Kris had a disastrous season finishing the year with just two wins.

Many would say that Kris lost the league last year on draft day, but its through no fault of his own. Kris held the number one draft slot and decided to take Lev Bell. This was a death blow as we all know what happened there. Then through injuries to key players throughout the year Kris was just never able to dig out of the basement.

So with this last place finish a whole entire years worth of humiliation began. Kris had to drive around with the losers license plate on front of his truck all year and then the ultimate public shaming that transpired just this past weekend. The League decorated a float and pulled Kris through the streets of Ridgway in front of the whole town during the Annual Firemen's Parade wearing the outfit you see, while the champion, Jake Stager, and the rest of the league members sat in the bed of the truck pumping up the fans and throwing candy.

One would think the shaming stopped there however, there was still one piece of business that we needed to address. Much like most religion in the world one must be baptized to be ridded of sin or some kind of evil stench and our league is no different. Once the parade was over Kris was placed in front of the group and other on lookers and cleansed of the poopy season as the commissioner dumped a Gatorade bucket of ice water over his head ending the year long shame. Now we can turn our attention to this season and find out after the sixteen growling weeks of elite competition who will be required to endure the elite consequences that come with last place; and now for the first time thanks to our new official site the fans can follow along all year !!!! Comment below on who you want to see ride dirty in next years parade!!!