NFL News 7/8/20

DeSean In Hot Water

Philadelphia wide receiver DeSean Jackson has found himself in a bit of hot water after his recent Anti-Semitic social media post. DeSean put up an Instagram post that was offensive to the Jewish community. The team has expressed its displeasure with the post, and has stated that they have expressed to DeSean that he should apologize and use his social media platforms to promote unity not hate. DeSean has since issued an apology saying he didn't mean anything by the post, and that he should have never posted anything about Hitler because he was a bad man. The team is looking into see if an incident such as this can void his remaining contract. If it does and DeSean is out in Philly, that would mean Jalen Reagor's stock would be through the roof. However, we feel it's highly unlikely the incident will end his time in Philadelphia.

NFL and the Covid Distraction

The NFL is still planning on moving forward with the NFL season on schedule. The league has already eliminated two of the four preseason games, to help limit exposure of players to one another. The NFLPA would like them to eliminate the entire preseason in 2020. With the growing number of Covid cases across the entire country this could and should be what happens. The NFL plans on letting teams finally come together for training camp beginning July 28th. This will be the first "official" time the players will be together. The NFL is still proceeding at this time with the season kicking off on September 10th in Kansas City when the Texans travel to take on the Chiefs. It's still unclear if fans will be present for that or any game this season. The NFL has also rolled out a proposal to help combat possible lost revenue if the above no preseason and no fans in the stadiums happen. That plan is to escrow 35% of all player wages to help combat lost revenue from Covid.

Every Player Will Get "Sick"

Tampa Bay Bucs head coach Bruce Arians stated on Monday that he expects every player to get sick at some point in 2020. "We've got to be careful," Arians said, per the Tampa Bay Times. "The players, they're going to all get sick, that's for sure. It's just a matter of how sick they get." Arians would go on to explain this is why every team has to take precautions this upcoming season, especially with players and coaches who are at high risk such as himself. "I got to be real careful," he said Monday. "I'll probably double with a mask and a (face) shield. You know, because l already had my scare out there (in Arizona) once a couple of years ago. For me personally, I've got a plan and I just have to be smart enough to stay with it." This is why the NFL plans on not only testing players, coaches, and all other team staff, but also the people that they live with prior to training camp, which is set to kick off at the end of the month. In terms of fantasy we suggest every league add at least two IR spots designated for players who test positive for Covid during the season. It is going to happen and it is better to be more prepared then not.

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