NFL News 7/9/20

Mostert Wants Out

After months of not being able to reach an agreement over a new deal, SF running back Raheem Mostert has demanded his trade. Brett Tessler, Mostert's agent, stated in a tweet Mostert’s request,

"After months of unproductive talks with the 49ers about fairly adjusting Mostert's contract (which paid him for special teams) we have requested a trade. Disappointing that it would come to this for a guy for a guy who led all NFL RBs in YAC and helped lead them to a Super Bowl."

Mostert is just aiming to be paid the same amount as teammate Tevin Coleman, who is set to make $4.55 million this season compared to his $2.57 million. Mostert still has two years left on his deal in San Francisco. Mostert has proved that an undrafted player can make an impact on a championship team and aims to take his talent to the trade market. At 28 years of age Mostert is entering that running back age that teams start to get weary of. However, Mostert does not have a lot of wear on his tires and still can be an asset for some team in need. It is highly unlikely a club signs Mostert to be their bell cow, but there is no doubt some team who could use his talent in a running back by committee rotation. Could he join former teammate Matt Breida in south beach? Who in San Fran gets a boost if he moves? There are a lot of questions hanging in the balance as we wait this situation out.

Watkins Happy With Pay Cut

Kansas City Chief wide receiver Sammy Watkins recently sat down with Sirius XM in an interview where he stated he was more than happy to take a pay cut to stay with the Chiefs and make another run at a Super Bowl.

"I'm at the stage of my life now to where, at first I was like 'Man, I want to get paid big money again, but then I realized, how much money do I need? My family's taken care of well. Do I want I go to a team and lose, and get 1,000 yards or go to a team that's sorry, whatever the case may be. Or do I want to come back with one of the best coaches, the best quarterbacks, the best organizations, the best team, the best wide out group -- arguably -- and come try to fight for another championship?

Sammy Watkins missed two games in 2019 and put up a stat line of 52/673/3. In the post season he shined putting up a 14/288/3 stat line scoring in all post season games. Watkins has battled injury often throughout his career, most notably the foot injury that he battled in Buffalo. Watkins made a wise choice staying with the Chiefs and chasing another title, especially with the fact that Mahomes has just been locked in as the teams quarterback for the next decade plus, which will no doubt outlast Watkins time there. Watkins has already earned over 52 million dollars over his six year NFL career. Watkins reminded us why he used to be considered a top fantasy wide out during that post season run as he made big play after big play, sparking the Chiefs comeback win against the 49ers with his big catch on his way to a 5 catch 98 yard game.

Cam Officially a Patriot

Cam Newton has officially been announced by the Patriots as their newest quarterback. The signing was made official Wednesday via the leagues transaction wire. The team also sent out a tweet using Newton’s custom font to welcome Cam to the Patriot family.

Newton’s deal is for one year where he can make up to $7.5 million. Newton will be competing for the starting job with second year player Jarrett Stidham. It isn’t a done deal that Cam starts week one, but if we were betting people, which we are, we would put are money on him starting.

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