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Rosters !!!!

This is a list of eligible players to keep and trade this off season. I have broken down by teams as well as included draft pick associated with each player if kept. Also note that teams are listed in draft order for the upcoming season. Also note when trading if you trade a certain pick for a player and you want to keep a player valued at pick traded away then you will have to move up a round. For example you trade a 7th pick for Baker and then want to keep him, since he costs a 7th round pick , he would now be a 6th round cost since you don't have the 7th. Little Italy has won the first playoff series and in doing so has earned an extra keeper, everyone else will have the usual one. We have until the end of May to trade for players and picks. Keepers will then need to be selected by the end of May. Let's get to work on finding a "NEW" Elite World Champion in 2020.


Baker Mayfield (2020-7th Round)

David Johnson (2020-2nd Round)

Devonta Freeman (2020-3rd Round)

Melvin Gordon (2020-6th Round)

Kareem Hunt (2020-16th Round)

Alshon Jeffery (2020-3rd Round)

Jarvis Landry (2020-5th Round)

Josh Gordon (2020-13th Round)

Zach Ertz (2020-2nd Round)

Jared Cook (2020-6th Round)

My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off

Carson Wentz (2020-8th Round)

Jameis Winston (2020-9th Round)

Joe Mixon (2020-1st Round)

Damien Williams (2020-4th Round)

Robby Anderson (2020-7th Round)

Allen Robinson (2020-6th Round)

Calvin Ridley (2020-5th Round)

Curtis Samuel (2020-12th Round)

Hunter Henry (2020-6th Round)

Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye

Josh Allen (2020-16th Round)

Deshaun Watson (2020-5th Round)

Kenyan Drake (2020-6th Round)

Leonard Fournette (2020-2nd Round)

Duke Johnson (2020-7th Round)

Aaron Jones (2020-4th Round)

Adrian Peterson (2020-15th Round)

Michael Gallup (2020-16th Round)

Mohamed Sanu (2020-15th Round)

Courtland Sutton (2020-7th Round)

Travis Kelce (2020-1st Round)

Anneaxtion of Puerto Rico

Patrick Mahomes (2020-12th Round)

Dak Prescott (2020-16th Round)

Gio Bernard (2020-17th Round)

Phil Lindsay (2020-4th Round)

LeSean McCoy (2020-8th Round)

Sony Michele (2020-4th Round)

Jaylen Samuels (2020-14th Round)

Amari Cooper (2020-2nd Round)

Julian Edelman (2020-3rd Round)

Dede Westbrook (2020-9th Round)

Robert Woods (2020-4th Round)

Kerryon Johnson (2020-2nd Round)

Vance McDonald (2020-5th Round)

Beavers Love Wood

Russell Wilson (2020-8th Round)

Drew Brees (2020-9th Round)

Nick Chubb (2020-1st Round)

Derrius Guice (2020-4th Round)

Marlon Mack (2020-5th Round)

OBJ (2020-1st Round)

Cooper Kupp (2020-4th Round)

Tyler Lockett (2020-5th Round)

Tyrell Williams (2020-12th Round)

Golden Tate (2020-13th Round)

Anthony Miller (2020-15th Round)

Harry Ballsackies

Tom Brady (2020-13th Round)

Kyler Murray (2020-13th Round)

Chris Carson (2020-5th Round)

Todd Gurley (2020-1st Round)

Miles Sanders (2020-8th Round)

Keenan Allen (2020-2nd Round)

Cole Beasley (2020-17th Round)

Jamison Crowder (2020-17th Round)

Will Fuller (2020-7th Round)

T.Y Hilton (2020-3rd Round)

Jimmy Graham (2020-12th Round)

Jason Witten (2020-10th Round)

Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers

Kirk Cousins (2020-11th Round)

Matt Ryan (2020-6th Round)

James Conner (2020-1st Round)

Derrick Henry (2020-6th Round)

Mark Ingram (2020-2nd Round)

Latavius Murray (2020-14th Round)

John Brown (2020-16th Round)

Larry Fitzgerald (2020- 9th Round)

Christian Kirk (2020-7th Round)

DJ Moore (2020-5th Round)

Austin Hooper (2020-7th Round)

Richard Feltersnatch

Aaron Rodgers (2020-6th Round)

Peyton Barber (2020-9th Round)

Matt Breida (2020-8th Round)

Austin Ekeler (2020-15th Round)

Josh Jacobs (2020-3rd Round)

Tyler Boyd (2020-4th Round)

Mike Evans (2020-2nd Round)

Tyreek Hill (2020- 1st Round)

DK Metcalf (2020-11th Round)

Manny Sanders (2020-7th Round)

James Washington (2020-14th Round)

Greg Olsen (2020-5th Round)

Little Italy

Lamar Jackson (2020-7th Round)

Dalvin Cook (2020-1st Round)

James White (2020-6th Round)

Kenny Golladay (2020-4th Round)

Adam Thielen (2020-3rd Round)

Mike Williams (2020-3rd Round)

OJ Howard (2020-2nd Round)

George Kittle (2020- 11th Round)

AJ Green (2020-3rd Round)

Cocoa Nuts

Tarik Cohen (2020-9th Round)

David Montgomery (2020-3rd Round)

Stefon Diggs (2020-1st Round)

Chris Godwin (2020-2nd Round)

Sterling Shepard (2020-8th Round)

Kenny Stills (2020-10th Round)

Sammy Watkin (2020-6th Round)