The American Fantasy Clash

Updated: Jul 18

Do you think you are the best fantasy football player in your league? How about your town or city? How about your state? If you can answer yes to all these questions you must really be confident in your fantasy football skills. So with that one may think that they are the best fantasy football player in the country. COME PROVE IT!!! Now is your chance to represent your league, city, and state in this nationwide league to determine who the best in the country is. BUT WAIT!!! Lets get crazy and open this thing up world wide. That's right not part of the USA but want in on the action. Sign up and try to bring the title home for your Nation.

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of the first ever American Fantasy Clash.

This will be a massive 70 team fantasy football league that will span across the entire United States, and now the world. We are now opening up registration for those who feel they have what it takes to be the countries very best. In this registration you must illustrate why you deserve to be a part of this competition listing career highlights, accomplishments, etc. If chosen you will be entered into the league.

So how in the world will a 70 team fantasy football league work? Simple we have broken down the league into five divisions, which will consist of 14 teams. The five divisions will be The Rushmore Division, The Statue of Liberty Division, The Bald Eagle Division, The Liberty Bell Division, and The Old Glory Division. Each of these divisions will run as its own season long league from weeks 1-13. Each league will have its own draft, waiver wire, trades, etc. There will be no weekly head to head matchups as these will be total point leagues to ensure that the best team wins. Each week an owner must set his or her 9 man starting line up. At the end of the 13 week season whichever team is the points leader will be crowned the division champion and advance to the championship round of the American Fantasy Clash.

The next round of the American Fantasy Clash will feature the five divisional champions, whom will not only be playing for their own pride but the pride of their division, as The American Fantasy Clash Champion will secure every team from their divisions spot into the competition next year at a discounted rate. The teams will be spread out throughout the different divisions. This round will run weeks 14-16. At the start of week 14 the points will be reset to zero and all teams will be on a level playing field. There will be no add drops or trades allowed during this round. The team that brought you to the dance will have to be the one that must keep dancing. The Champion will be the team with the most total points after week 16 concludes.


(The entry fee of $25.00 per team will be used to cover the below prizes.)

Each Divisional Champion (5) will receive a prize package valued at $150 which includes championship ring and custom case to display. The Divisional winner will also get their $25 entry fee returned. Each Divisional Champion will also secure their spot in next year’s tournament FREE of charge as they set out to defend their Divisional crown.

The American Fantasy Clash Champion will not only receive the package above but they will receive even more prizes valued at an additional $400. The Clash Champion will be awarded a custom made championship belt which they will be able to cherish forever. The Clash Champion will also win $200.

*The rest of the money will go to promotion, fees, and, the staff cost to run this nationwide competition*

League Make Up

This will be a full point PPR contest. Each team will draft 16 players consisting only of QB's, RB's, WR's, and TE's. That's right no kickers or defenses. The weekly starting line up will feature:

1.) QB


3.) WR's

1.) TE


Bench will be made up of 7 players and an additional 2 IR spots.

How to get in the Clash:

All submissions must be sent to with the info required below:


Email Address:

Twitter Handle:


City and State:

Fantasy Football Resume: (career highlights, industry work, etc.)

Let us know why we should pick you to rep your region:


We will only be selecting 70 teams so get those entries in fast!!

Once we have selected our 70 participants we will begin contacting the teams chosen for what comes next!!

Deadline to enter is August 5th 2020. So get those entries in soon for a chance at becoming the first ever American Fantasy Clash Champion!!!

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