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The Final Four !!!

The first week of the playoffs is in the books and we are now down to the final four teams. We also learned

which team will hold the number one pick in next years draft. We will now turn our attention to the semi-final weekend. We have two star studded semi final matchups with the winners advancing to the second Elite World Championship Game. We also have a matchup in the Miss Elite ranks where the loser will move on to next week to battle to stay away from the year long shame. Lets dive in in and see what the league landscape looks like as we move into the all important week 15.

2019 Playoff Picture

Semi-Final Matchups

#4 Richard Feltersnatch Vs. #1 Cocoa Nuts

Feltersnatch dispatched of the Ballsackies last week to earn their first trip to the semi finals. Feltersnatch entered week 14 with a plan and they executed that plan beating the Ballsackies with ease. They now turn their attention to the defending Elite World Champion Cocoa Nuts, the final team standing from the North. This matchup will be a rematch from week 7 where Feltersnatch defeated the champ by a score of 159.73 to 132.42. This will be the fourth meeting all time with Cocoa Nuts holding the 2-1 head to head record. The Champ is focused on a repeat will they get it? Or will Feltersnatch end the dream and ensure that we will have a new World Champ.

#3 Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers Vs. #2 Little Italy

Dirty enters their first semi final weekend after destroying the Beaver last week in the first round. They now must get geared up to take on division rival and #2 seed Little Italy. This semi-final matchup is one we have seen twice this year already. Italy won in week one by 10.33 points and Dirty won in week 13 by 4.36 points. The all time series record is a dead lock at 2-2. This matchup will come down to the wire and as history has proven will be decided by just a handful of points. Will Italy make it to their second straight Championship game or will Dirty extend their winning streak to seven, which would set the all time win streak record, on their way to their first Championship Game appearance.


#10 The Annexation of Puerto Rico:

The Annexation has one more week to get primed for the most important fantasy football game of their life. The Annexation will sit and watch to see which team they will go to war with in the 2019 Miss Elite Bowl next week.

#8 My Ditka Vs. #9 Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye:

Last years Miss Elite, The Brown-Eye, is still in the running to repeat. However, a win this week will ensure that we will have a new Miss Elite to "Parade" Around come July. The Brown-Eye will be taking on the #8 My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off in week 15 action. The winner of this matchup will be rewarded the second draft spot in next season's draft. The loser of this matchup will move onto the Miss Elite Bowl to take on The Annexation next week where we will crown our next miss Elite.


* The SlamHogs finished as the highest scoring non-playoff team and secured the number one spot in the 2020 draft. They also ensured they will not be Miss Elite with the win. The Beavers secured the #5 spot in next years draft by finishing as the lowest scoring playoff team that lost. On the Flip side The Ballsackies secured the 6th pick by being the highest scoring playoff team out of those who lost. All three of these teams seasons are now officially over for 2019.

1.) SlamHogs




5.) Beavers Love Wood

6.) Harry Ballsackies