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The Future Looks Elite

The Rowdy one said it perfectly when he said "Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the question." This holds true for the Elite Fantasy Football League as well. Now at this point last year our season was over. We had our champion, we had our Miss Elite, but something just felt incomplete. Now after a fantasy season concludes we all can agree something just feels missing from our lives, so I as commissioner felt as though it was my responsibility to help fill that void. After some meditating, slamming some Busch Light, I have come up with an idea that will not only extend the fantasy football fun but also revolutionize the Elite Fantasy Football League forever. So without further a do let me announce the future of the Elite Fantasy Football League.

Starting in week 18, the NFL wild card weekend, we will begin the Elite Fantasy Football Leagues Playoff Series. This will be a four week season, running through the Super Bowl. There will be no rosters drafted instead each week we must select 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLX, 1 K, and 1 Def out of the teams playing that week. Seems easy right pretty cut and dry. Wrong we are the Elite so have to prove it so there is a catch. Each owner can only use a player one time throughout the entire Playoff Series. With that in mind the owners will need to use strategy when making these weekly picks. For instance, if you have two teams you think will make the Super Bowl you will want to save those players for then so you can maximize points in the final game. However, if you get those teams wrong that could seriously compromise your playoff run. This series will be the ultimate game of Russian Roulette when it comes to fantasy. There will be no weekly wins and losses, the playoff series winner will be crowned by total points accumulated. So does the winner get a championship belt? Come on you know better then that, there is only one belt that matters and that is the Elite World Championship. So what does the winner get? The winner of the playoff series will be awarded something very important and that is a second keeper for next season. That's right instead of keeping just one player for next season the playoff series champion will be able to keep two eligible players for next season.

Which leads me into my second announcement that will keep the fantasy season alive all off season long. Now last year each team had to have their keeper selected by the end of January. This season keeper selection will need to be decided by the end of May. Why so much later you ask? Well from this point on every eligible player will be available for trade all off season long. I will send out a list of every teams eligible players as well as draft pick associated with at a later date. The purpose of this is to see what owner is the gm of gm's. The ultimate businessman. For example, if you did well last season and have a later draft pick improve your position by trading a player you won't keep for a better spot. That's right if someone has a player you wanted last year and they are eligible to be kept, make an offer and trade for them. The only rules you have to follow are as followed:

* Player must be elgible to be kept

* Can only have 17 total draft picks next season if keeping a player

* Can only have 18 total draft picks next season if not keeping a player

* Can only have 16 total draft picks next season if keeping two (Playoff Series Champ Only)

* A draft pick from both teams must be involved in trade

So there it is owners the next level of Elite has arrived. Good luck when the inaugural Elite Playoff Series kicks off in week 18 and as always keep being Elite!!!