Three Impending Rookies Who Could be "ELITE"

Updated: Apr 30

WR Tee Higgins, Clemson

Best Landing (Ravens, Dolphins, Jets, Raiders, Bills)

One may look at this first player and ask why would a player who as failed to top 100 yards in a game the past two college seasons be a player you like to succeed on the next level? The answer to that question is ability and reliability. Higgins rarely dropped passes at his time at Clemson and this is very big to teams when looking to draft the next star, i.e. Michael Thomas. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Higgins is going to be the next Michael Thomas, but I do like his sticky hands. Higgins had a 95% catch rate on catchable balls thrown his way. Higgins has the ability as shown on his game film to make some unbelievable or circus like catches. From the teams I have listed above as ideal landing spots I really like one and that is the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders desperately need another pass catcher as Tyrell Williams proved he couldn’t be leaned on. Rookie wide out Hunter Renfrow and tight end Darren Waller were the ones Carr relied upon the most. Higgins would give the Raiders that threat on the outside to pair with Williams which would leave Waller and Renfrow free to roam and to eat underneath and in the middle of the field. You couple those factors with stud back Josh Jacobs and all of a sudden the Las Vegas Raiders have a pretty potent offense to show off on the strip in year one.

RB Zack Moss, Utah

Best Landing (Colts, Dolphins, Texans, Lions, Falcons)

What trait or ability translates well for running backs on the next level for these college athletes? Give up? The answer to that question is the ability to break tackles. Out of all the backs entering the 2020 draft there is only one that has been Elite in this department. Zach Moss has been a beast against opposing defenders trying to bring him down. According to PFF over the last three seasons Moss has 204 broken tackles over that time frame. 204, that is insane. PFF also shows that his .37 broken tackles per attempt was the third best ever seen on the college level. For me there are only a few teams that would be ideal spots for this type of back to land, as I have listed above. Out of the teams I have listed the best spot in my opinion would have to be the Colts. Mack is entering the last year of his deal and has shown promise but he has been underwhelming and unreliable. The Colts need to transition into the post Luck era in Indy and that means put more focus on the ground game. The front line of the Colts can be dominant and you add this type of runner to their backfield this could be dangerous. That would take the Pressure of J. Brissett who struggled at times as a passer. He would also look good in the Miami backfield and should be able to be had as a nice day two find for the fins.

TE Hunter Bryant, Washington

Best Landing (Patriots, Seahawks, Texans, Bears, Cowboys)

Tight end is the biggest position that many teams struggle to find "a good one." Out of all the different positions on the field this area has always been the toughest to transition to the pro level. With that many teams whiff on finding an Elite option through the draft. If any tight end entering the draft in 2020 has a chance to succeed and be Elite Washington tight end Hunter Bryant is the one. The whole thing with Bryant is he didn’t see much action as he played behind Drew Sample his first two seasons and missed the whole 2018 season with off season knee surgery. Entering his final season in 2019 Bryant finally broke out and showed to the world what he was capable off. During the season he secured 52 catches for 825 yards. The only knock on Bryant is his size. He is not big and doesn't look like your Gronkowski, Travis Kelce or George Kittle type. Bryant more resembles a wide receiver and plays like a wide receiver, i.e. Evan Engram or Jimmy Graham type. There are two teams out of the above I list as ideal landing spots I would like to see him land. The two spots I would love to see him go are Seattle or New England. For the Patriots it was obvious they missed that pass catching tight end last season as their offense was the worst its been in years. I do see Tom Brady returning next season and an athletic pass catching tight end would be a welcomed sight to the Goat. Now as far as Seattle you could see at times in 2019 they missed a reliable tight end option. Hollister and Dissly flashed but let’s be honest they are not Elite. They did bring in veteran Greg Olsen for the 2020 season for the short term, but the long term answer could be Bryant. Could you imagine that offense Wilson, Carson / Penny, Metcalf, Lockett, and Bryant at tight end WOW!!!

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