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Time to Dance !!!!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

After thirteen intense weeks of fierce competition we have our six teams vying to be the second Elite Fantasy Football World Champion. We also have our four teams locked into the Miss Elite competition trying to not be the second ever Miss Elite. With week fourteen set to kick off in just two short days lets take a look at what the league scene looks like as we enter the first week of the post season.

2019 Playoff Picture

First Round Byes

#1 Cocoa Nuts: The best record this season is held by a familiar face. That team, the defending Elite Champion Cocoa Nuts. Cocoa Nuts finished this season sitting on top the North Division. The champ earned a first round bye and will await the winner of the first round game between the #4 Richard Feltersnatch and #5 Harry Ballsackies.

#2 Little Italy: The second best record this season is held by a Little Italy. Last years runner up earned a first round bye by finishing on top the South Division. Itlay will await the winner of the first round game between the #3 Dirty Sanchez Butt Fumblers and #6 Beavers Love Wood.

First Round Matchups

#4 Richard Feltersnatch Vs. #5 Harry Ballsackies

Both teams scratched and clawed their way into the post season with big wins in the regular season finale. The Ballsackies came into week thirteen on a six game losing streak barely clinging to life. How would they respond with everything on the line was the question on everyone's mind and they came out to put up a top three point week. Feltersnatch was also looking for a bounce back win and did so ending the SlamHogs dreams of a Elite title. Now these two collide in round one with a date with the Champ awaiting the winner, and for the loser the off season.

#3 Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers Vs. #6 Beavers Love Wood

Both of these teams enter the first week of the post season on different trajectories. Dirty enters the post season as the number three seed hot off handing the number two Little Italy a loss in a potential week 15 preview. That win now pushes the dirty ones streak to five straight wins. One more win will tie the league record for all time win streak. The Beavers enter the week losing their last four games. They will need to right the ship this week because their next loss will end their season. A week 15 semi final matchup with Little Italy awaits the winner of this tilt the loser will be sent packing.


#10 The Annexation of Puerto Rico: The Annexation finishes the regular season as the worst team in the league. This means two things. The first is obviously any shot at the Elite championship has been long gone. The second and most important of the two is with this last place regualr season finish the Annexation jumps straight to the 2019 Miss Elite Bowl. In week 16 The Annexation will go head to head with one of the other three non playoff teams where someones Christmas will be ruined when they earn the license plate, the dress, the parade, and the shame of being Miss Elite.

#7 SlamHogs Vs. #8 My Ditka Vs. #9 Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye

Week fourteen would have spelled the end to these guys seasons last year however a pre-draft vote deemed the season to continue with the stakes still being high. For one of these three teams their season will end and for the other two the season will roll on. These three teams will go head to head to head this week with the highest scoring team earning the number one draft pick in next years draft. This team will also be safe from the year long shame. The remaining two teams will head to week 15 to go head to head with the loser moving on to face the Annexation in the week 16 Miss Elite Bowl.