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Week 1 Matchups and Predictions

Updated: Jan 2

We have waited for months and our patience has finally paid off as we are just mere days away from week one of NFL action. If we are that close to NFL action that also means the first bullets are about to fly in The Elite Fantasy Football League's second season and we have five great matchups taking place. Let's dive into the matchups as I give the probability of winning as well as my personal picks of who is going to come out on top in each matchup.

SlamHogs V.S. Richard Feltersnatch *(Game of the Week) *

Two 2018 playoff teams look to open 2019 as they finished last year as contenders right out of the gate. The SlamHogs are looking to build off a solid third place finish in 2018. While Feltersnatch looks to improve their one in done playoff appearance and sixth place finish. The SlamHogs enter week one with lots of question marks the biggest being is Zeke Elliott going to get his ass onto the field? The Hogs already suffered a big blow last week when Andrew Luck announced his retirement from the league leaving just one QB on their squad, rookie Kyler Murray. The Hogs did very well addressing these question marks during the first waiver wire run of the year by acquiring two key players Tony Pollard and Mitch Trubisky. Feltersnatch brings his drafted squad fully intact and ready to hit the ground running being led by second year running back Saquon Barkley. If both teams played their optimized line up our system is projecting just a 3.8% chance of winning (COW) between the teams with the Hogs having a slighter better COW of 51.9% compared to Richards 48.1%. This is going to come down to the wire and is projected to be the closest game of the week.

The Godfather's Prediction: (RICHARD FELTERSNATCH FOR THE WIN)

My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off V.S. The Annexation of Puerto Rico

This is the next closest matchup featuring a COW difference of only 10.3%. Last years power house and league record holder for winning streak (6), Division Record (7-1), and co owner of overall regular season record (10-3) Annexation of Puerto Rico look to build off last years 4th place finish. With an optimal line up their chance of winning is 44.7%. Their opponent and record holder for single weekly points (222.75) My Ditka who looks to bounce back from a year one collapse narrowly escaping the title of Miss Elite 2019. My Ditka optimized has a 55.3% chance of securing the win.

The Godfather's Prediction: (MY DITKA GETS OFF WITH THE WIN)

Harry Ballsackies V.S. Beavers Love Wood

The next closest matchup features the two newest teams in the league featuring a COW difference of 15.4%. Both teams had good showings in the draft and each roster has potential to make some noise in week one. With optimal line ups Harry Ballsackies holds a slight COW advantage at 57.7% compared to Beavers Love Wood's 42.3% COW.


Little Italy V.S. The Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers

This matchup features two 2018 playoff teams as second place finisher Little Italy takes on 5th place finisher Dirty Sanchez. Little Italy holds the advantage with a COW of 59.6% over Dirties 40.4% with optimal lineups giving Italy the slight nod.


Cocoa Nuts V.S. Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye

This matchup features the defending world champ Cocoa Nuts and his squad led by keeper Christian McCaffery as they look to open the season strong. They take on reigning Miss Elite Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye who holds the records for worst overall record (2-11) and losing streak (10). This is projected to be the widest margin of victory as the defending champ and his COW of 61.8% overpowers the Brown-Eyes COW of 38.2% with optimal lineups.