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Week 11 Matchups and Predictions

Updated: Jan 2

Brace yourself Elite fans as we are headed for several big week eleven matchups. These big matchups will begin to make the playoff picture a bit clearer. After this week we will know for sure who one of the six playoff teams will be. Also we could see our first team mathematically eliminated from play off contention and secured as the favorite in the Miss Elite contention. The Godfather is back to give his weekly preview and predictions after going four for five last week, only missing the Annexation's upset of the Ballsackies. That brings him to an outstanding 12 out of 15 (80%) in picks the last three weeks. How does he see this week going? Let's jump in and see what's on tap!!!

Little Italy (7-3) VS. Cocoa Nuts (7-3) *Game of the Week*

This weeks featured matchup is one we have been waiting to see all season long and it could not be more fitting for the game of the week. This matchup features a rematch from last seasons championship game and much like that game there is a lot at stake in this one. Both squads come into this matchup with the same goal and that is to win to secure the first spot in the playoffs. That's right folks the winner of this game will be the first team to punch its ticket into the championship tournament. Italy comes into this matchup hungry as they have never beat Cocoa Nuts. In the previous and only two matchups Cocoa Nuts have gotten the best of Italy. Little Italy in fact comes into this matchup as the slight underdog to Cocoa Nuts. Will the champ live up to expectations or will they falter when it matters most. Which team punches their ticket and which has to wait another week to try? The Godfather has a feeling and that feeling is this......

Godfather Predicts: ( Italy finally silences Cocoa and punches ticket to the dance)

Harry Ballsackies (6-4) VS. SlamHogs (4-6)

The next closest projected matchup pits two teams trending down over the last month. Both teams enter week eleven desperate for a win and desperate to end their respective multi week losing streaks. This will mark the first meeting between these two teams in each franchises history. The SlamHogs enter this matchup as the heavy favorite over the Ballsackies. The Hogs need to start stringing together some wins to stay in the thick of the playoff hunt. If this projection holds true they would be within one game of the Ballsackies who come into the week as the fourth team in the standings. The Ballsackies are desperate to stop the bleeding as they have not won a game since week six. The Ballsackies are in real danger of falling out of contention with teams such as Annexation, Ditka, and The Hogs hot on their trail. Who does the Godfather like in this one?

Godfather Predicts: ( The SlamHogs end streak and gets the Win)

Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers (5-5) VS. Beavers Love Wood (6-4)

The next matchup to be previewed is also a first time meeting of franchises as the Beavers are set to take on Dirty Sanchez. Dirty comes into the week hot currently riding a two game winning streak. The Beavers come into the week after suffering a setback last week falling to Feltersnatch knocking the Beaver from the top of the North standings down to second. The good news for the Beaver is they are projected as the favorite in this one. However, Dirty has proven to be scrappy all season long and has proven they are one of the top teams bidding for one of the six playoff spots. Does the Godfather see Dirty surprising the Beaver and making it three straight wins?

Godfather Predicts: ( Dirty poops the bed and the Beaver wins)

Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye (2-8) VS. My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (4-6)

Desperate, hungry, disappointed, out of options are all words to describe this matchup. There are no teams in the league more desperate and in need of a win then these two teams featured in this matchup. The Brown-Eye is in an absolute must win here to keep season alive for another week. However, a win is not all the Brown-Eye needs to happen. If both Feltersnatch and Dirty win this week, even with a win the Brown-Eye is eliminated from Playoff contention. While on the other side My Ditka needs a win just to keep in the playoff hunt as well as erase the devastating loss they suffered last week. Who has a coin? I ask this because this match is so evenly matched this week it is not even funny. This one could go either way. Will the Brown-Eye survive his visit to the Elite Funhouse or will My Ditka and his little ditka's make the Brown-Eyes visit unpleasant?

Godfather Predicts: ( My Ditka erases the Brown-Eyes Playoff Dreams)

Richard Feltersnatch (5-5) VS. Annexation of Puerto Rico (4-6)

The final matchup of the week features two teams also meeting for the first time this season and only second time in the teams history. The Annexation got the win last year in this meeting and looks to get this weeks win as well. The Annexation is coming off the upset of the week defeating the Ballsackies last week and will look to upset Feltersnatch this week. Feltersnatch comes into the week riding a four game winning streak and holding the sixth and final spot in the playoffs. This matchup will come down to Monday night as Kansas City Chief teammates will decide the fate of these two Elite teams as the Annexations Patty Mahomes will go against Tyreek Hill of the Feltersnatch. Which team will emerge victorious in this closely projected week eleven matchup? The Godfather sees it going one way and that is...

Godfather Predicts: ( The Annexation gets another upset win)