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Week 11 Recap

Updated: Jan 2

Week eleven is now in the books and we now know the fate of not just one, or two, but three of our teams when it comes to their post season aspirations. The first thing week eleven revealed to us was that the post season now has two teams locked instead of the one we had projected. Week eleven also saw the playoff hopes and dreams of one of our own ended in heartbreaking fashion. Who are these teams and where do the others land as we race towards the playoffs that lock in two weeks? Lets dive in and see what happened in what was a wild week eleven.

Little Italy (7-4) VS. Cocoa Nuts (8-3) *Game of the Week*

This weeks game of the week was a rematch from last years championship game and it was very contested, as is every meeting is between these two teams. The result of the matchup was the same as it always seems to be with Cocoa Nuts edging out Italy for the win. Cocoa doesn't only remain undefeated against Italy but he also is the first team to clinch a spot in the post season. Cocoa is currently sitting as the #1 seed. The 168.45 to 162.5 loss to the champ was a bummer but it wasn't catastrophic for Italy. Italy was still able to lock up a spot in the post season with other week eleven matchups falling in their favor. Italy is currently sitting as the #2 seed. This week Italy will look to rebound as they take on a struggling Ballsackies (6-5) in week twelve action, as well as knock them out of the top six for the first time all season. The Champ will look to clinch a first round bye with a win against the unpredictable Annexation (4-7), who are looking to win out and sneak into the post season themselves.

Harry Ballsackies (6-5) VS. SlamHogs (5-6)

Both of these teams came into the week desperate for a win as each were riding a substantial losing streak. The Hogs were the team who ended up coming out on top with a 182.28 to 150.82 victory over the Ballsackies. The loss now marks the fifth straight for old Ballsackies who is just tumbling down the standings. The Hogs move up in the standings and look to win out to stay in playoff contention. The Hogs are set to take on the last place Brown-Eye (3-8) next week. The Ballsackies have to meet a pissed off Italy (7-4) team who were unable to beat the Champ. This is a must win for Ballsackies as they risk falling out of the top six with a loss.

Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers (6-5) VS. Beavers Love Wood (6-5)

In this matchup we seen two projected playoff teams doing battle with the Beavers coming in as the heavy favorite. However, it was Dirty who manhandled the Beaver to the tune of 176.65 to 142.60. The win moved Dirty's win streak to three and extended Beavers losing streak to two. The loss also moves the Beaver down the standings one to fourth. Dirty leap frogs the Beaver to third since they have the tie breaker of head to head. Dirty will look to keep winning next week but faces a strong Feltersnatch (6-5) team who is riding a five game winning streak. The Beaver will have to pull it together and try to get a win this week when they travel to the Elite Funhouse to take on My Ditka (4-7) who is fighting to make the playoff cut off.

Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye (3-8) VS. My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (4-7)

The Brown-Eye was up against it this week as they had to enter the Elite Funhouse and win to keep their playoff dreams alive. The matchup to no ones surprise came down to a Monday Night battle much like all of Ditka's matchups have been this year it seems as it was Kelce versus Henry for the win. In the End it was the Brown-Eye who was able to keep up his end of the bargain and gain the win by a score of 149.26 to 136.84. Even with the win the Brown-Eye finds themselves eliminated from playoff contention because both Feltersnatch and Sanchez got a win this week. The loss for Ditka drops them to ninth in the standings and in an absolute must win out scenario to even have a shot at making the post season. They will have to go into week twelve and hand the Beaver (6-5) their third straight loss to stay alive. The Brown-Eye now shifts their attention to getting out of the tenth spot in the next two weeks to avoid the automatic trip to the Miss Elite Bowl during week 16. They will start that bid by trying to spoil the SlamHogs (5-6) attempt at making the post season.

Richard Feltersnatch (6-5) VS. Annexation of Puerto Rico (4-7)

Richard enter this week eleven matchup as the hottest team winning their last four. Annexation entered the week on high hot off an upset victory of the Ballsackies which ended their long losing streak. However, it was Richard who proved to be the better team winning by a score of 128.26 to 118.44. The victory moves Feltersnatch up the standings to fifth place leap frogging the falling Ballsackies. The win also extends Feltersnatch's win streak to five and they will look to tie the league record of six straight wins next week when they take on the third place Dirty Sanchez (6-5) in a key matchup. The Annexation is barely clinging to life but still has a chance but must win out. They will need to secure a victory against the #1 Cocoa Nuts (8-3) next week to have any shot at making the playoffs for the second time in franchise history.



1.) COCOA NUTS (8-3) (*)

2.) LITTLE ITALY (7-4) (*)






7.) SLAMHOGS (5-6)




(*) - Clinched Playoff Berth

(X) - Mathematically Eliminated