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Week 12 Matchups and Predictions

Updated: Jan 2

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock!!! The clock is running out on our teams as they fight, scratch, and claw their way into the final four playoff spots. The Champ has locked up his spot and so has last years runner up Little Italy. The Brown-Eyes pursuit of redemption and respectability has come to an end last week, so that means we have seven teams vying for the final spots. The Godfather was hot with predictions until last weeks horrible one for five showing. The only game correctly predicted was the SlamHogs beating the Ballsackies. This week will be full of intrigue as we can see another spot clinched as well as other potential playoff bids ended. Who you got? Let the Godfather tell you who he got as we dive into week twelve predictions!!!

* (Color Key: Green = Locked in, Purple = In the Hunt, Red = Out) *

Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers (6-5) VS. Richard Feltersnatch (6-5) *Game of the Week*

This weeks featured matchup pits two South teams against each other with huge playoff implications. Dirty comes into this week sitting at the third position in the standings. Feltersnatch comes into this one sitting in the fifth position currently. Feltersnatch is seeking to tie the leagues winning streak record (6) currently held by The Annexation and Harry Ballsackies. Dirty enters week twelve riding a three game winning streak of their own. This matchup can not be any closer as Dirty is the .8 favorite meaning they are separated by less then a point. This is going to come down to the wire and with the standings being so tight every win matters. Looking ahead to next week Sanchez has Italy and Feltersnatch has the SlamHogs. We look ahead because The Godfather wants to point out that both have a good chance of losing their games next week so a win this week is so very important. Soooooo who gets the win?

Godfather Predicts: ( Dirty secures a playoff spot)

Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye (3-8) VS. SlamHogs (5-6)

The Hogs come into the week sitting just outside the playoffs. The Brown-Eye comes into the week eliminated and sitting in last place. This one is a no brainer right? The Hogs are going to mop the floor with the muddy one. WRONG!!! The Brown-Eye actually comes into the week as the favorite. This means two things. The Brown-Eye can double last years win total and secondly could deliver another blow to a playoff hopeful for the second week in a row. If projections hold true and the Hogs are too lose they are by no means eliminated from contention, but their odds of making the post season become a little more bleak. Can the Hogs outperform the projection this week and go into week thirteen ready to beat Feltersnatch in a must win. Or will the Brown-Eye muddy up the playoff waters and throw a turd into the bowl....

Godfather Predicts: ( The Brown-Eye doubles last years win total)

Little Italy (7-4) VS. Harry Ballsackies (6-5)

This week twelve matchup features two teams who have been fixtures in the top six all season long. Little Italy despite losing to the champ last week locked up a pot in the post season for the second year in a row. The Ballsackies come off a week eleven loss to the Hogs which marked their fifth straight loss. The Ballsackies are in need of a win here as they currently hold on to the sixth and final spot of the playoffs. If the Ballsackies were to pick up another loss this week they risk missing the post season all together with teams like the Hogs, AOPR, and the team they meet next week My Ditka all gunning for that final spot. Little Italy despite being locked in wants a win as well as one more win will secure a first round bye for them. This is projected to come down to the wire with both teams projected to be missing key pieces to their starting rosters. How does this one end?

Godfather Predicts: (Italy Locks up a First Round Bye)

Beavers Love Wood (6-5) VS. My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (4-7)

The Beavers come into this week twelve matchup with My Ditka looking to end their current two game slide, which cost them a position in the standings. This week they enter the Elite Funhouse to find a beaten down and limp Ditka who have suffered two devastating losses back to back. My Ditka finds themselves in a must win this week as well as next week when they finish off the regular season against The Ballsackies, which could be for the final spot in the playoffs. The Beavers will look to snap their losing streak and nab a needed win this week before heading into the regular season finale where the champ will be waiting. The Beaver is the projected favorite in this weeks matchup, but you know what they say, when you fuck with my Ditka expect a beaten Beaver...

Godfather Predicts: ( My Ditka holds on for one more week )

Cocoa Nuts (8-3) VS. Annexation of Puerto Rico (4-7)

Annexations last stand!!! This is what defines this final week twelve matchup between last years #1 and #2 seeds. Cocoa is coming into this one hot riding a current four game winning streak and looking to lock up a first round bye for the second season in a row. The Annexation comes into the week looking to keep their season alive and avoid entering the danger zone of Miss Elite territory. The champ comes into the week the very heavy favorite over the AOPR, who started the year off hot and just haven't been able to finish. Not much to preview here in what the Godfather foresees as a complete blowout so with that said, since your wife wears the pants Annexation let the League supply you with a new dress....

Godfather Predicts: ( The Champ Locks up a First Round Bye)