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Updated: Jan 2

Harry Ballsackies (2-0) V.S. Cocoa Nuts (1-1) *(Game of the Week) *

In the game of the week we saw two power houses from the North wage war to be the top team in the Division. It was the newcomer Harry Ballsackies handing the defending champion his first loss of the season with a score of 152.96 to151.45. The Ballsackies were powered to victory as they deployed their version of the Patriot way as Tom Brady (34.16) and New England's Defense (43) led the team in scoring. The champ was led in scoring by Chris Godwin (30.10) and OBJ (34.10) but it wasn't enough to stay unbeaten. The champ now (1-1) will look to rebound this week as they face another tough matchup in a 2018 semifinal rematch against the Slamhogs (1-1). Harry Ballsackies (2-0) look to improve their undefeated streak as they look to completely destroy the winless Brown-Eye (0-2) who is desperate for a win.

Little Italy (2-0) V.S. The SlamHogs (1-1)

It was the first anticipated matchup between these divisional rivals of the year as the top teams in the South went to war. Both teams entered week two unbeaten looking to extend their win total and avoid their first loss and it was Little Italy who stays unbeaten with a 193.53 to 135.40 victory. Little Italy also held the top score of the week. Dalvin Cook's (32.10) powered this strong week two showing by Italy along with Mark Andrew's (28.2), Tyler Lockett's (18.9), and Antonio Browns (17.10) outings. The SlamHogs were led in scoring by John Ross (26.20), Zeke Elliott (21), and Matthew Stafford (24.70). The SlamHogs (1-1) will look to bounce back next week as they face the defending champion Cocoa Nuts (1-1), in a rematch of their 2018 semifinal matchup which was decided by less then a point. Little Italy (2-0) looks to stay unbeaten as they take on the winless but dangerous Beavers Love Wood (0-2).

Beavers Love Wood (0-2) V.S. The Annexation of Puerto Rico (2-0)

In a divisional matchup that pitted one undefeated against one winless it was the undefeated who proved to be superior as the Annexation beat the Beavers by a score of 177.54 to 159.85. With this victory and top score the Annexation now is the top team in the North standings. The Annexation was led in scoring by Patrick Mahomes and his 48.34 points. Julio Jones also chipped in with his 32.60 points to help secure the win for The AOPR in week two. The Beavers were led in scoring by Russel Wilson and his 37.35 points as well as Copper Kupp and his 21.60 points, but it just wasn't enough to matchup with the Annexation. The Annexation does have some concern coming out of week two as Desean Jackson injured his groin early in the game Sunday night and didn't return. The injury will need to be monitored this week to see if he will be able to go. The Annexation (2-0) will need all hands on deck this week as they go to battle with Dirty Sanchez (1-1) in what should be a very competitive matchup featuring two of the best quarterbacks in the game today going head to head.

My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (0-2) V.S. The Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers (1-1)

It was a matchup between two winless teams that were looking to put some distance between them and the Miss Elite title in this week two tilt. It was the Dirty Sanchez who came out victorious with a 163.33 to 132.59 final score. Despite a zero put up by Alshon Jeffrey who was injured early in Sunday nights game Sanchez was able to overcome it with strong performances by Lamar Jackson (41.03), Travis Kelce (25.70), and Hollywood Brown's (19.60). My Ditka was already riddled with injury at the running back position with Joe Mixon being banged up but it got a little more dire with Damian William's suffering a knee injury and David Johnson hurting his wrist. Johnson was able to return but it still is concerning. My Ditka does have a bright spot in this dark time and it is the fact that he has promise at the wide receiver position with strong showings from young wideouts Calvin Ridley(25.50) and Christian Kirk (20.40). My Ditka (0-2) will look to get on track in week three as they wage war against Richard Feltersnatch (1-1). Dirty Sanchez (1-1) will face a tough The Annexation of Puerto Rico (2-0) in week three to try and move up the standings even further.

Richard Feltersnatch (1-1) V.S. Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye (0-2)

It was a divisional matchup between two winless teams that were looking for their first win of 2019. When the smoke settled it was Richard Feltersnatch who silenced the Brow-Eye handing him his second loss of 2019 and 12th straight going back into last season. The Brown-Eye looked to solidify his squad Friday as he traded away young stud Nick Chubb for a big upgrade at Tight End in Zach Ertz, but the move wasn't enough this week to get the win. Ertz's 17.20 points was second to Davante Adams' 19.60 points to be the Brown-Eye's second top scorer of the week. The Brow-Eye left 25 points on the bench with Aaron Jones. Richard Feltersnatch was led in scoring by Emmanuel Sanders (29.8), Austin Ekeler (25.3), and Tyler Boyd (25.2) easily coasting to the 156.59 to 128.04 victory. Each team did suffer big injuries to their starting line ups as Feltersnatch's Ben Roethlisberger was forced out of the game in the first half suffering an elbow injury, which is going to cost him the season. The Brown-Eye's ascending wide receiver Michael Gallup suffered a knee injury late in the 4th which will cost him at least a month. Next week Richard Feltersnatch (1-1) will take on the winless My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (0-2) as the Brown-Eye (0-2) looks to right the ship against the undefeated Harry Ballsackies (2-0).



1.) LITTLE ITALY (2-0)



4.) COCOA NUTS (1-1)


6.) SLAMHOGS (1-1)







The Annexation +3

Dirty sanchez +1

Feltersnatch +1

Took Step Back

Ballsackies -1

Slamhogs -3

Beavers -1