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Week 3 Matchups and Predictions!!!

Updated: Jan 2

Week two is a wrap and the Godfather went 4 for 5 with my picks. I was wrong on the Little Italy falling to the SlamHogs. Now I turn my attention to Week 3 as I crunch the numbers and try to predict how this week will turn out, and what teams will get a win. We have several great matchups so let’s dive in.

The Dirty Sanchez (1-1) V.S. Annexation of Puerto Rico (2-0) *(Game of the Week) *

The weeks featured matchup is a battle between the leader of the North and the South’s second place team. The Annexation of Puerto Rico looks to keep its undefeated streak alive as they battle The Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers hot off their first win of the season. The Game features a Chance of Winning (COW) difference of 8.8% making it the closest of the week. The Annexation holds a slight advantage with its 54.4% COW over Dirty Sanchez’s 45.6% with optimal line ups. This matchup features two of the best QBS in the game today (Mahomes & Lamar) going head to head.

The Godfather's Prediction: (Dirty Sanchez hands The AOPR its first L)

Little Italy (2-0) V.S. Beavers Love Wood (0-2)

First place Little Italy looks to keep his perfect season going as they take on the Winless Beavers Love Wood. The Beavers acquired Nick Chubb last week via trade to strengthen their running back corps and looks to ride him to his first win this week. This matchup features a COW difference of 17% with optimal line ups. Little Italy holds the edge with a 58.5% COW compared to The Beavers 41.5% chance of winning.

The Godfather's Prediction: (Instead of a “D” The Godfather Slips an “L” in The Beaver)

Harry Ballsackies (2-0) V.S. Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye (0-2)

The undefeated Harry Ballsackies look to turn this sibling rivalry into a straight up assault as they battle the Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye. The Ballsackies look to hand The Brown-Eye its 13th straight loss. This Matchup offers the biggest COW difference with a whopping 38.4%. The Ballsackies hold the edge with their 69.2% COW compared to The Brown-Eyes 30.8%.

The Godfather's Prediction:(Harry Ballsackies Bludgeon the Brown-Eye)

The SlamHogs (1-1) V.S. Cocoa Nuts (1-1)

The SlamHogs are angry after last week’s loss to rival Little Italy and they must regain their composure because the Champ is coming to town. Cocoa Nuts will also be plenty angry after they suffered their first loss of the season by less than 2 points to Harry Ballsackies. That margin of victory is ironic because this is a semi-final rematch from last season where the Nuts beat the Hogs by less then 1 point. This matchup offers a COW difference of 21.4% with optimal line ups. The defending champ holds the advantage with a 60.7% COW compared to The SlamHogs 39.3%.

The Godfather's Prediction: (Cocoa Slams the Hogs)

Richard Feltersnatch (1-1) V.S. My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (0-2)

In The final matchup of the week we feature two teams currently sitting near the bottom of the standings as the winless My Ditka looks for its first win of the season. They will battle Richard Feltersnatch coming off its first win of the season and is looking to climb up the standings further with another win. This projects to be the second closet matchup of the week with a COW difference of 16.4% with optimal line ups. Richard Feltersnatch holds the advantage with a COW of 58.2% compared to My Ditka’s 41.8% COW.

The Godfather's Prediction: (Richard Feltersnatch not my Ditka for the Win)