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Week 4 Matchups and Predictions

Updated: Jan 2

Week three is history and the Godfather went an atrocious 2 for 5 with my picks. I was wrong on the Little Italy beating the Beavers, Sanchez beating the Annexation, and My Ditka losing to Feltersnatch. Now I turn my attention to Week 4 as I crunch the numbers and try to predict how this week will turn out, and what teams will get a win. All of these matchups, except one is projected to be very close let’s dive in and see who appears set up to close out the first quarter of the season with a win.

Harry Ballsackies (3-0) V.S. Annexation of Puerto Rico (3-0) *(Game of the Week) *

Two titans of the North clash for the sole possession of first place in this featured matchup between division rivals. Both teams enter week 4 unbeaten but one will leave with their first blemish in the L column. This matchup projects to be the third closest with a Chance of Winning (COW) difference of 13.2%. The Annexation holds the slight advantage with their 56.6% COW compared to Harry Ballsackies 43.4% COW with optimal lineups. This will come down to the wire and could go either way. The AOPR has a history of starting the season off strong as they were the last to be beaten last season opening the year 6-0 and we wouldn’t be surprised if this happens again.

The Godfather's Prediction: (The AOPR proves they are the best of the North)

SlamHogs (1-2) V.S. Beavers Love Wood (1-2)

Two teams that are apparently headed in opposite directions are set to meet in a critical week 4 matchup. The SlamHogs who are riding a two game losing streak is looking for answers and are desperate for a win, but are set to face a suddenly hot Beavers Love Wood who put up not only the largest points of week 3 but the largest of the young season. This matchup projects to be the closest matchup of the week with a COW difference of 3.4% with optimal line ups. The Beaver by the numbers holds the slight edge with a 51.7% COW compared to the Hogs 48.3% COW.

The Godfather's Prediction: (The Beavers continue their ascension with a Win)

Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers (1-2) V.S. Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye (0-3)

13!! 13 is the number of losses that the Brown-Eye has suffered in a row. This historic streak began back in week 4 of last season and ironically they look to end it this week, week four. The matchup is projected to be the second closest of the week with a COW difference of only 4.6% with optimal lineups. Dirty Sanchez is hot off a competitive week 3 matchup against the Annexation, where they fell just short, and looks to rebound this week. The Sanchez looks to bury the Brown-Eye even more as they hold the slight advantage in this one with a COW of 52.3%. The Brow-Eye comes in with a COW of 47.7% making them the slight underdog. The world is rooting for The Brown-Eye to stop the streak will they do it? I believe in fate and poetic justice and I feel this week is the week!!!

The Godfather's Prediction: (The Brown-Eye shocks the Sanchez and ends losing streak)

My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (1-2) V.S. Cocoa Nuts (2-1)

The defending champ Cocoa Nuts has been off to a strong start as they try for the repeat and remain the only champion in league history. My Ditka has been a bit limp out of the gate but showed some sign of life this past week when they got their first win of the year. Remember above I said all matchups were projected to be close except one? Well this is the one, with a projected COW difference of 35.2% with optimal lineups. My Ditka comes into this matchup as the projected underdog with a COW of 32.4% compared to the champs 67.6% COW. Can my Ditka continue to pound his way up the standings or will the champ prove too strong for My Ditka to overcome?

The Godfather's Prediction: (The Champ strangles My Ditka)

Richard Feltersnatch (1-2) V.S. Little Italy (2-1)

This matchup features two teams coming of a week three loss, and each appear primed to bounce back. However, only one team can. Richard Feltersnatch will enter this week without star running back Saquon Barkley as he is dealing with a high ankle sprain and will be out of action for several weeks. This matchup has a projected COW difference of 14.2%. The edge in this one goes to Little Italy who has a COW of 57.1% compared to Feltersnatch’s 42.9% COW with optimal lineups.

The Godfather's Prediction: (Little Italy squeaks out a win over Richard)