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Week 6 Recap!!!

Updated: Jan 2

Week six did not disappoint as we saw several games coming down to the Monday night action. We had several story lines to watch this week as we wanted to see if Harry Ballsackies could tie the winning streak record. We wanted to see if the Brown-Eye could make it three in a row as the top scoring team, as well as see if My Ditka could shock the world and upset the unbeaten. We wanted to see if losing streaks would end for The Annexation as well as Feltersnatch, and Dirty Sanchez. We wanted to see if the Beavers would humiliate the champ in their first ever meeting. Where did your favorites land after week six let's dive in!!

Annexation of Puerto Rico (3-3) VS. Little Italy (4-2) *Game of the Week*

This weeks featured matchup did not live up to the hype as it was completely one sided as Little Italy dismantled the Annexation by a score of 179.50 to 117.77. The AOPR has now suffered three straight losses and is spiraling out of control towards the bottom of the standings. This week they lost recently acquired tight end Will Dissly to an apparent torn Achilles as well as Amari Cooper who left the game Sunday after the first series with a quad injury and may miss a week or two. These injuries helped lead to the defeat this week by Little Italy. Little Italy was able to get back on track after taking his own ass whopping in week 5 courtesy of the Brown-Eye. Strong showings by Lamar Jackson, George Kittle, and Scary Terry powered Italy to victory. Next week Italy (4-2) will look to keep winning as they battle My Ditka (2-4). The AOPR (3-3) look to stop the bleeding when they take on the SlamHogs (3-3) in a desperate bid to stay in the top six.

SlamHogs (3-3) VS. Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye (2-4)

The Brown Eye had been the hottest team over the last several weeks but week six was not kind to them as they lost to the SlamHogs by a score of 167.26 to 131.19. The Brown Eye had clawed their way up from the bottom of the standings all the way into the top six but one bad week has pushed them back towards the bottom. Whereas the SlamHogs have recaptured their swag trading for Travis Kelce this week to bolster the tight end position and roll to second straight win to climb back into the top six. The Hogs (3-3) will look to keep things rolling this week as they take on the slumping Annexation (3-3). The Brown-Eye (2-4) will look to get back on track this week when they take on a strong Beavers Love Wood (3-3) team.

Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers (2-4) VS. Richard Feltersnatch (1-5)

In this matchup we knew two things for sure one, someone was going to lose their 4th straight, and two someone was going to have then tenth spot all to themselves with the worst record in the league. After a hard fought matchup we learned it was Dirty who was ending their losing streak with a 183.49 to 134.78 win over Feltersnatch. Prior to the week six matchup Dirty was sitting in the tenth spot and knew they needed to revamp roster and they did that with various trades and boy did it pay off. Richard on the other hand continues to miss star running back Saquon Barkley. They did get Tyreek Hill back this week and appears he is still as talented as ever so once all the pieces are back for Feltersnatch he will look to climb back into contention, and end this four game skid. Next week Richard (1-5) will take on the defending champion Cocoa Nuts (4-2). Dirty Sanchez (2-4) will look to accomplish something no other team has been able to do and that is stop the dominance of our last unbeaten Harry Ballsackies (6-0).

My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (2-4) VS. Harry Ballsackies (6-0)

The heartbreak of the week has to go to My Ditka as they came within 8 points of defeating Harry Ballsackies as they lost by a score of 163.23 to 155.89. My Ditka made a couple of questionable changes at that start of Sunday most curiously taking out a dominant Carolina Def for a Green Bay def. This early error cost My Ditka 19 crucial points which would have been enough to end Ballsackies winning streak. Ballsackies is being powered by the New England defense that has been unheard of all year consistently putting up over 25 points weekly. Ballsackies have now tied the league record 6 wins in a row which he shares with The Annexation. Ballsackies(6-0) will look to break that record next week when they take on Dirty Sanchez (2-4). My Ditka(2-4) will have to regroup as they will meet the second place team in the standings Little Italy (4-2) in week 7.

Beavers Love Wood (3-3) VS. Cocoa Nuts (4-2)

This week six clash was a first time meeting between division opponents that have quickly grown into a top rivalry. This meeting had the Beavers besting the champ by a score of 193.54 to 172.32. The BLW looked to secure a win this week prior to the matchup trading for Tyler Lockett and Mark Andrews which proved huge as Andrews dominated from the tight end position helping put the champ to bed. Cocoa Nuts put up a decent fight even being down one running back but the Beavers proved to be just to much. Next week BLW(3-3) will look to continue to climb up the standings as they battle the Brown-Eye (2-4). The champ (4-2) will look to right this weeks wrong when they take on Richard Feltersnatch (1-5).




2.) LITTLE ITALY (4-2)

3.) COCOA NUTS (4-2)



6.) SLAMHOGS (3-3)







Dirty Sanchez +3

SlamHogs +2

Little Italy +1

Beavers +1

Took Step Back

Brown-Eye -3

The Annexation -1

Cocoa Nuts -1

Feltersnatch -1

My Ditka -1