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Week 7 Matchups and Predictions

Updated: Jan 2

Week 7 has arrived as the Elite Fantasy Football League's second season rolls on and we look ahead to some important matchups. Last week The Godfather went 3 for 5 in picks once again to stay consistent with predictions. Let's see what the Godfather predicts this week as he previews these week 7 matchups.

Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye (2-4) VS. Beavers Love Wood (3-3) *Game of the Week*

This weeks featured matchup features two teams projected to be inside the top six when the playoff brackets lock. This matchup like last weeks is projected to be one of the closest we have seen all year with a chance of winning difference of only .4%. Each team has a shot to win this week and gain ground on the top teams. The BLW have the slight edge here with a 50.2% chance of winning compared to the Brown-Eye's 49.8%. From top to bottom these two teams are evenly matched and can produce major points as both have proven in recent weeks securing top weekly point finishes. Who will come out on top in this battle between North and South contenders? Will The Brown-Eye erupt again or will it be the Beaver who ravages yet another opponent?

Godfather Predicts: ( The Brown-Eye pinches off a win)

Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers (2-4) VS. Harry Ballsackies (6-0)

The Ballsackies come into the week more motivated then ever as they stare history in the face as they can break the leagues winning streak record, which they currently share with the AOPR. Ballsackies hold the best record in the league and are the only unbeaten team remaining. Some say they got lucky last week as they dodged My Ditka by less then 8 points. This week they must go up against the revamped Dirty Sanchez. Dirty didn't like the way their players were performing so made numerous trades throughout the past week to get stronger in all areas. These upgrades were clear last week as they rolled to a top 3 finish and hope to do so again this week handing Ballsackies their first loss in the process. Dirty has the deck stacked against him going into this week as he is the underdog coming into what is the second closest projected matchup of the week. Will Dirty get the job done?

Godfather Predicts: ( Ballsackies rewrite history with record setting 7th straight win)

SlamHogs (3-3) VS. Annexation of Puerto Rico (3-3)

The Annexation of Puerto Rico comes into this week seven matchup with a different demeanor then weeks past. For the first time in this franchises history you can feel a sense of urgency or panic surrounding the teams owner. The AOPR started the year off strong going 3-0 but have since gone 0-3 in last three games. Injuries are starting to compile for the Annexation at a very crucial time in the season. Across the field they stare a red hot SlamHogs team in the face who comes into this one riding a two game winning streak. The Hogs come into this one as the favorite with a 73% chance of winning compared to the AOPR's 27%. It is clear that both these franchises are headed in different directions.

Godfather Predicts: ( SlamHogs go 3-0 in 2nd Quarter while AOPR goes 0-3)

My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (2-4) VS. Little Italy (4-2)

My Ditka's season started off with such promise as they were declared the winner of the draft for the second straight year. However, much like last year their season is coming off the rail a bit having only putting together two wins. This week My Ditka looks to make the right calls, unlike last week, and will have to as they face off against Little Italy. Italy comes into this one hot off a key win against the Annexation last week, and they hope to keep the strong performance and season rolling. This matchup has the second highest chance of winning difference of 60%. Little Italy comes into this one the heavy favorite with a 80% chance of winning compared to My Ditka's 20%.

Godfather Predicts: ( My Ditka proves scrappy but falls short to the godfather)

Richard Feltersnatch (1-5) VS. Cocoa Nuts (4-2)

Richard Feltersnatch has been in a bit of a slump losing their last four games. Injuries to star players such as Saquon Barkley and Tyreek Hill contributed to these losses, but last week they were able to use Hill again to offer a boost. This week it appears they may finally get their star RB back as well which will be a welcomed event. On the other side of the field Cocoa Nuts comes into the week third in the standings fresh off a division loss to BLW. The Champ will look to rebound and get their fifth win of the season. The numbers however are against the champ as he is projected as a long shot to win this week with only a 7.8% chance of winning. The computer projects a string of losses coming Cocoa Nuts way and it starts this week.

Godfather Predicts: ( Richard Feltersnatch gets back in the win column)