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Week 7 Recap!!!

Updated: Jan 2

Let me win!!! This sentence eponymized this week's action. Week 7 saw the mighty finally fall, a record saved, winning streaks ended, losing streaks ended, as well as losing streaks extended. The standings ended the week tighter then when the week began. Which teams helped their bid at making the post season a reality, Which teams lost their "head" I mean edge and took steps back. Lets dive in as we recap what was an entertaining week 7.

Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye (2-5) VS. Beavers Love Wood (4-3) *Game of the Week*

This weeks featured matchup was supposed to be the tightest contest of the week with a chance of winning difference of just .4%. The computer had the slight edge going to the BLW and it held true, but it wasn't as close as projected as the BLW beat up the Brown-Eye by a score of 161.91 to 131.49. The victory marked the second in a row for the BLW as they moved up in the standings again. The BLW have been busy building a contender through numerous trades over the last few weeks, and those trades are surely paying off as they now sit at third in the standings. The Brown Eye has now suffered two straight losses as they find themselves back in the bottom of the standings. Poor Perfomances from Ertz and Gallup contributed to the losing effort. On the otherside strong performances from Darren Waller (34.6) and the Bills Defense (22) helped the Beaver to victory. Next week the BLW (4-3) will have to be ready as they meet the number one team and fellow division rival Harry Ballsackies (6-1) in an important matchup. The brown Eye (2-5) will look to get right again next week when they battle a division rival in Richard Feltersnatch (2-5).

Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers (3-4) VS. Harry Ballsackies (6-1)

The Ballsackies came into the week as a underdog in what was projected as the second closest matchup of the week. The Ballsackies came into this one looking to break the winning streak record with a seventh straight, but Dirty played spoiler defeating Harry by a score of 154.64 to 132.88. This matchup started out with a text exchange between the two smack talking and Dirty continued the smacking on game day with strong showing from Marvin Jones (44.3) and the Ravens defenses (26). A will Fuller injury early poor day from Chris Carson helped the Ballsackies suffer their first loss on the year. The Ballsackies (6-1) will have to shake this one off as they have a key matchup next week with the Beavers (4-3) next week. Dirty (3-4) will look to win their third straight next week when they look to beat the champions, Cocoa Nuts (4-3), ass next week.

SlamHogs (4-3) VS. Annexation of Puerto Rico (3-4)

The Annexation of Puerto Rico's fall continued this week as the losing streak now moves to four straight games. On the opposite side of the coin the Slamhogs winning streak now moves to three as they toppled the AOPR with a score of 128.20 to 100.13. The Slamhogs have been busy making moves as they look to build a strong competitive team heading into the post season for the second straight year and have done just that. Since ending the first quarter 1-4 and towards the bottom of the standings a fire was lit and so far through three games in the second quarter have gone a prefect 3-0. The same can not be said for the Annexation who closed last quarter towards the top of the standings with a 3-1 record. Since the start of the 2nd quarter they have gone 0-3 as injuries started to pile up. The AOPR (3-4) looks to salvage the season with a win next week against a vengeful Ditka (2-5) team. The Slamhogs (4-3) will look to end the second quarter perfect as they have a key matchup with Little Italy (5-2) in a rematch from earlier in the seaon when Italy handed the Hogs a loss.

My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (2-5) VS. Little Italy (5-2)

Without a doubt the most entertaining and hardest fought contest of the week was this one right here. A barrage of trash talk videos blew the league away as the two starred in amazing video's leading up to a crucial week seven battle. The two traded the lead back and forth for much of the weekend and came down to the Monday night contest. Italy came into Monday night down by 6.8 and needed his first round pick, L. Bell, to get the win going against a strong New England defense that held Bell to just over 10 points back in week 3. In the end Bell didn't even reach that total, but he did get just enough to put Italy over the top with a score of 133.14 to 131.34. The loss puts Ditka in the tenth spot once again. Next week Italy (5-2) will meet a surging Slamhogs (4-3) in a must see matchup. My Ditka (2-5 ) will look to shake off this intense week seven matchup and get a win over the struggling Annexation (3-4).

Richard Feltersnatch (2-5) VS. Cocoa Nuts (4-3)

Guess who's back.... back again.... hurry up.... tell a friend... Richards back Richards back Richards back da na na. After four weeks of injury and losing it appears Richard is finally back to full strength and ready to make a late season push into the post season. This isn't to far fetched as he is only one game back to sixth place and only two games back from defending champion and sputtering Cocoa Nuts, who they manhandled this week to the score of 159.73 to 132.32. Cocoa Nuts suffered their second straight loss as they took another step back in week 7. Cocoa Nuts made some nice trades prior to the weeks action to fill needs on their roster, but it wasn't enough this week to topple the resurging Feltersnatch. Cocoa Nuts (4-3) will look to get back on track in the second quarter finale when they take on the scrappy Dirty Sanchez (3-4). Richard (2-5) will look to collect their next win next week when they take on the Brown-Eye (2-5) in a key divisional match up.




2.) LITTLE ITALY (5-2)


4.) COCOA NUTS (4-3)

5.) SLAMHOGS (4-3)








Dirty Sanchez +1

SlamHogs +1

Feltersnatch +2

Beavers +1

Took Step Back

The Annexation -2

Cocoa Nuts -1

My Ditka -2