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Week 8 Matchups and Predictions

Updated: Jan 2

We have reached the middle of the season. It is hard to believe we have seen seven weeks of great matchups already. So what does the end of the second quarter have on tap for us? Let's see how the Godfather sees the 2nd quarter finale going. The Godfather went 3 for 5 in picks last week only getting the Ballsackies and Brown-Eye picks wrong. Let's dive in and see what's popping.

Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye (2-5) VS.Richard Feltersnatch (2-5) *Game of the Week*

This weeks featured matchup features two teams at the bottom of the standings looking to claw their way back into contention. The Brown-Eye is riding a current two game losing streak coming into this week 8 tilt. He is going against a Feltersnatch team that ended their own losing streak last week. The matchup history is on Feltersnatch's side as they hold a career record of 3-0 against the Brown-Eye. This is the projected closest matchup of the week with a 2.2% chance of winning difference. The computer is giving the edge in this one to the Brown-Eye with his 51.1% chance of winning. However the Godfather forsees a different result in this one.

Godfather Predicts: ( Richard stays perfect against the Brown-Eye)

Beavers Love Wood (4-3) VS. Harry Ballsackies (6-1)

The Ballsackies are coming off a disappointing week seven loss to Dirty Sanchez, ending their perfect season and bid at besting the leagues win streak record. Ballsackies will meet the BLW who is riding a two game winning streak coming into this one sitting at third in the standings. This is the next projected closest matchup of the week with a chance of winning difference of 9.8%. The Beavers come into this week one rematch looking to avenge their defeat against the Ballsackies. The BLW is the favorite in this one with a 54.9% chance of winning. However, the Ballsackies will look to that strong NE defense to continue to change matchup outlooks and get back on track with a win. Does the Godfather Agree?

Godfather Predicts: ( BLW gets their revenge)

Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers (3-4) VS. Cocoa Nuts (4-3)

One of the most disappointing teams over the last couple of weeks has to be the defending champion Cocoa Nuts, who come into this one riding a two game losing streak. Things will not get any easier this week as they are set to take on a surging Dirty Sanchez hot off handing the Ballsackies their first loss of the season and riding a two game winning streak. This is only the second meeting ever between these two with the champ getting the win in that meeting. This is going to be a close matchup with only a projected 16% chance of winning difference. The computer is giving the champ the edge here with a 58% chance of winning. The Godfather would have to agree with the computer in this one having McCaffrey and Godwin back as well as a great matchup for Diggs.

Godfather Predicts: ( Cocoa Nuts edges out Dirty)

My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (2-5) VS. Annexation of Puerto Rico (3-4)

My Ditka's season is riding on this weeks matchup where he is the heavy favorite coming in. After three straight weeks of close defeats My Ditka is ready to explode and start his ascent to a playoff spot. They will be taking on a struggling, battered, defeated Annexation team who just can't catch a break with injuries all through his roster. The Annexation is riding a four game losing streak and looks to be staring another loss in the face in this one, where they are only being given a 20.8% chance of winning. My Ditka is looking for his first win against the AOPR in franchise history, as they currently are 0-3 against them.

Godfather Predicts: ( My Ditka gets his Win)

SlamHogs (4-3) VS. Little Italy (5-2)

One of the most intriguing matchups of the week finds itself as the most boring of the week on paper with a chance of winning difference of 71.2%. How can two teams that are red hot and who are each riding winning streaks, Hogs (3) and Italy (2) have that big of a difference? Whatever the reasons are computer has Little Italy as the heavy favorite with a 85.6% chance of winning. The Hogs are looking to go undefeated in the second quarter and inch closer to one of the two first round byes which Italy currently holds. Italy holds a 2-1 career record against the Hogs and have already handed the Hogs a loss back in week two. Will the Hogs get their revenge and even the series or will Italy climb further ahead?

Godfather Predicts: ( A closer matchup them projected but an Italy Win)