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Week 9 Matchups and Predictions

Updated: Jan 2

Ding Ding it's tiimmmeee!!! IT'S CRUNCH TIIIIIIMMMMEEE!!!! Five weeks of intense competition to see which teams have what it takes to be ELITE!!!!! Five weeks will determine a number of things. Five weeks will determine which six teams will have a shot at immortality. Five weeks will determine which four teams will have a shot at shame in the form of Miss Elite and the year long torture that comes along with it. As long as we are on the number five how about the Godfather going 5 for 5 in his predictions last week. Let's see if he can do it again as we kick of the final five weeks of the regular season right, with The Godfathers week nine predictions and matchup previews. Lets "ROCK"!!

Harry Ballsackies (6-2) VS. Cocoa Nuts (5-3) *Game of the Week*

This weeks featured matchup is a rematch from a few weeks ago between two top four teams. The last time these Northern rivals met the Ballsackies came out on top. This is projected to be the closest matchup of the week. The Ballsackies come into this one riding a two game losing streak. The Ballsackies also come into this one as the slight underdog with a 43.4% chance of winning. The Cocoa Nuts come into this one as the favorite with a 56.6% chance of winning. If this holds true and the Beavers get another win this week the North will have a log jam at the top with three 6-3 teams. How does the Godfather see this one going?

Godfather Predicts: ( Cocoa Nuts extends Ballsackies L Streak to 3)

My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (3-5) VS. SlamHogs (4-4)

What Elite Funhouse surprise awaits the SlamHogs this week? We shall see what My Ditka has in store for his opponent this week but one thing we do know for sure is that this is projected to be the second closest matchup of the week. The chance of winning difference is 13.2% between the two. This marks the first time these two squads square off this season and only the third meeting in both franchises history with each winning once. My Ditka comes into this one the slight underdog, but it's a position he is accustomed to and will look to buck the system and hand the Hogs their second loss in a row to tighten up the standings.

Godfather Predicts: (My Ditka Falls to the Hogs)

Richard Feltersnatch (3-5) VS. Little Italy (6-2)

This weeks matchup will mark the third time in league history that these two teams from the South have met. The series is tied with one win a piece. This also marks the second meeting this year that the two have met, with Italy getting the win. This is projected as the third closest matchup with a 28% chance of winning difference. Italy comes into this one riding a three game winning streak. While Richard comes into this one winning their last two as well. Italy is the favorite in this matchup with a 64% chance of winning compared to Feltersnatch and his 36% chance of winning. This is going to be a lot closer then the computer projects. Does the Godfather have himself coming out on top?

Godfather Predicts: (Feltersnatch ends The Italians Win Streak)

Beavers Love Wood (5-3) VS. Annexation of Puerto Rico (3-5)

The Beaver comes into this one tied with Italy with the longest current winning streak, three. The Annexation comes into this one with a current losing streak of five games, their last win coming back in week three. This is projected to have a chance of winning difference of 59%. The Beavers come into this one as the obvious favorite with a 79.5% chance of winning. Until the Annexation gets some players back from injury they most likely will remain the underdog each and every week.

Godfather Predicts: ( Beaver hands The AOPR it's 6th straight Loss)

Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye (2-6) VS. Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers (3-5)

When looking at this matchup and analyzing it I cant help but get a little Deja vu. We have seen this scenario play out before. The Brown-Eye comes into this one riding a substantial losing streak with a date with Italy looming next week and looking for a much needed win this week before that date. Last time The Brown-Eye ended up winning both match ups will they do the same again? They come into this matchup projected as the heavy favorite with a 80.7% chance of winning. Dirty comes into this one with a slight 19.3% chance of winning. Does the Godfather see things playing out the same way?

Godfather Predicts: ( Dirty falls to the Brown-Eye AGAIN!!)