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Week 9 Recap

Updated: Jan 2

I am not kidding you. After this weeks action the playoff race is tighter now then ever. We have four teams with a record of 6-3 that sit in the first four spots of the standings. Following that we have four teams sitting at 4-5 overall scratching and clawing for the final two spots of the post season. How did we get to this point? Lets get this party started and tak a look back at a wild week 9.

Harry Ballsackies (6-3) VS. Cocoa Nuts (3-3) *Game of the Week*

This defending champ came into this week nine matchup with revenge on his mind. They were looking to hand the once undefeated Ballsackies their third straight loss. This was projected to be the closest matchup of the week and it came down to Monday night as projected. In the end it was in fact the champ who came out on top in this key divisional matchup with a score of 149 to 128.24. With the win Cocoa moves up in the standings to third. The loss now marks the third straight for the Ballsackies knocking them down to fourth in the standings. The Ballsackies will look to rebound next week when they take on the down Annexation (3-6). The Champs will see stiff competition in My Ditka (4-5) next week as they look to inch closer to a playoff berth.

My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off (4-5) VS. SlamHogs (4-5)

The creator of the Elite Funhouse came into the week desperate for another win. However, no one knew how desperate they were for a win, but we quickly found out Monday Night. This was projected to be the second closest matchup of the week and coming into the week nine finale My Ditka held a small 148.70 to 142.21 lead with the Hogs having Zeke left to go basically spelling certain doom for My Ditka. However, the magician of the basement pulled off one of the most brilliant moves the league has ever seen. With an hour left to game time My Ditka completed a trade for Zeke cementing a week nine win. In the process though he had to give a way one of, if not, the best wide out in the game Michael Thomas along with David Johnson. The move moved My Ditka up two spots in the standings just outside the sixth and final spot. They will look to get over the hump next week when they take on the defending champ (6-3). The Hogs took the biggest hit in the deal, this week, falling to eighth in the standings from their previous fifth spot. They will look to use their new weapons next week to get back in playoff contention when they battle the Dirty Sanchez (4-5).

Richard Feltersnatch (4-5) VS. Little Italy (6-3)

Feltersnatch has been one of the hottest teams over the past few weeks. They came into this weeks matchup riding a two game winning streak compiling two top three points finishes. This week was no different as Feltersnatch exploded for another top scoring finish on their way to a 223.44 to 164.48 victory. Italy put up a fight and despite putting up the third most points was no match for the surging Feltersnatch. They will look to get back on track and start a new winning streak as they look for revenge against the Brown-Eye (2-7) who put up the most points in league history against them, back in week five. Richard will look to stay hot when they take on the Beavers (6-3) in what is going to be a must see matchup.

Beavers Love Wood (6-3) VS. Annexation of Puerto Rico (3-6)

The Beaver came into this one riding a three game win streak and the Annexation riding a five game losing streak. Which team would be add to their respective streak? The odds were in the BLW's corner as they were the projected heavy favorite and that projection held true as the Beavers went ton to defeat the AOPR to the tune of 213.05 to 144.30. The loss marks the sixth straight loss for the Annexation who did show some life this week which bodes well for them as they will need to go on an epic run to make a playoff bid. That march will start next week when they take on the Ballsackies (6-3) who in their own right have struggled the last few week. The BLW will have to stay sharp as they are set to take on Feltersnatch (4-5) in a very pivotal matchup.

Lick My Antonio Brown-Eye (2-7) VS. Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers (4-5)

The biggest projected blow out of the week was this matchup right here where the Brown-Eye was supposed to destroy old Dirty. However, the opposite happened as they fell to Dirty by the score of 151.02 to 115.90. This loss marks the fourth straight for old Brown-Eye who just can not catch any breaks this season. All hope is not loss just yet as they still could make a late season push to get into the post season. That push won't be easy as they are set to take on Little Italy (6-3) next week. However, they have beaten them already once this year so it can be done. Dirty will look to keep winning when they take on the SlamHogs (4-5) in a key divisional matchup.



1.) LITTLE ITALY (6-3)


3.) COCOA NUTS (6-3)






8.) SLAMHOGS (4-5)




Beavers +1

Cocoa +1

My Ditka +2

Feltersnatch +2

Took Step Back

The Annexation -1

Ballsackies -2

SlamHogs -3