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XFL Week 3 Best Bets!!

Updated: Mar 2

Our first weekend making our suggestions for betting the XFL proved to be a very profitable one. If you are the loyal people we know you are than you should have made some nice money last week. We went 75% on money line and against the spread. We then crushed the totals nailing every game correctly. Now we have plugged in our numbers for week three and have a great look at how we see this week playing out, so lets take a look at the best bets to target this week.

Point Spread (2-2)(50%)

Houston (-6) (W)

Seattle (+5) (L)

St. Louis (-10) (W)

DC (-8) (L)

Money Line (2-2)(50%)

Houston (W)

Seattle (L)

St. Louis (W)

DC (L)

Point Totals (3-1)(75%)

Houston/ Tampa (U45.5) (L)

Seattle/ Dallas (U43) (W)

St. Louis/ New York (U40.5) (W)

DC/ LA (O44) (W)